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7th Annual Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup Winners and Highlights

The 7th annual Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup (PMHC) was this weekend in downtown Saskatoon, and even though the prairies are famous for being flat, attendees were sure flying high!

As one of the longest-running cannabis cups in Canada, the competition part of the Prairie Cup traditionally focused on sativa, indica, and hybrid flowers, but this year, they added a new category for extracts and Cannabis Life Network has all the winners below!


This year’s Prairie was located at The O’Brians Event Centre in downtown Saskatoon and attendees were encouraged to bring their own cannabis and cannabis-derived products, assuming they are MMAR, MMPR, or ACMPR permit holders because the PMHC is not liable for those who aren’t. That’s just the reality of cannabis still being illegal in Canada, but by next year’s cup, everything should be different. Vaping was allowed inside the venue and for combustibles, there was a private outdoor area.

The Prairie Cup is considered by many, like Derrick from headline sponsor Thompson Caribou Concentrates said, as the “unofficial community cup and the one where the most activists go”.

Highlights of the PMHC included the glass-blowing demos and the famous Cannabis Olympics, where cannabis enthusiasts competed to win prizes for “Fastest Joint Roller” among other categories.




1st – “Critical Mass” from Continental Group

2nd – “Strawberry Cough” from Continental Group

3rd – “Super Silver Haze” from Dave Elder


1st – “Lindsay OG” from Liberty Farms

2nd – “God Quad” from Continental Group

3rd – “Strawberry Kush” from Continental Group


1st – “Master Bubba” from Continental Group

2nd – “Gorilla Glue #4” from Teemu

3rd – “Zombie Kush” from Phat Pharmer


1st – “Pineapple Shatter” from Continental Group

2nd – “Blueberry Dist.” from High Guys

3rd – “Strawberry Kush” from Continental Group