emerald cup

Skunk Mag’s Emerald Cup highlights: women in weed, craft cannabis, and Weed for Warriors

Check out Julie’s smoke-filled adventures at the 14th annual Emerald Cup as she talks to prominent women in weed, California’s craft growers, the man behind Weed for Warriors, and more.

Julie, who was at the Emerald Cup for Skunk Magazine, chatted with Jane and Alaina Austin, the bad-ass mother and daughter team from Green Fire Genetics, and learns what Alaina went through when her parents were incarcerated and how she had her first successful crop at the age of 18.

Amber Senter tells Julie about how her Supernova Women project is creating a space for women of color in cannabis and how she’s fighting to level the playing field so that the communities disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs can participate in the legal market.

Nat from Madrone speaks on the importance of small craft farmers, quality control, and collaborating, and how small cultivation is at the heart of Madrone.

Sean Kiernan, from Weed for Warriors, tells us how cannabis can help veterans and how the motivation for Weed for Warriors came from his own personal experience. In 2013, he was 5150’d at the Veterans hospital in San Diego for a blood test that showed marijuana in his system. “5150” refers to a California law where a person can be confined against their will if they might be a danger to themselves or others, and while he was in the hospital, Sean saw veterans suffering and being overmedicated, and that’s why he got involved with Weed for Warriors.

So click ‘play’ and see for yourself why the Emerald Cup is one of the biggest cannabis events in the world and why Julie and CLN can’t wait for next year.