Smoke Safe Campaign: “Muskoka Grown” and “Canadian Safe Boating Council”

BRACEBRIDGE, ON /CNW/ – The arrival of summer is a reason to celebrate in Ontario as Canadians head out of the cities to enjoy boating on the province’s abundant rivers and lakes. With the first summer of legal recreational cannabis ahead, Muskoka Grown Limited (“Muskoka Grown”), and the Canadian Safe Boating Council (“CSBC”) are joining forces to launch a consumer awareness campaign focused on boating sober and responsible cannabis consumption (Smoke Safe Campaign).

Launching ahead of Safe Boating Awareness Week (May 18 – May 24), the two organizations are taking a collaborative approach to the messaging the CSBC has always shared with the boating community – that it is never okay to be impaired on the water, including being high from consuming cannabis. The kick-off will promote safe boating practices and responsible cannabis use to boaters who take to the water in everything from canoes to kayaks to powerboats.

“Boating is one of the country’s most universally enjoyed pastimes, with about half of all Canadians participating in the activity each year,” said David Grand, CEO & Founder, Muskoka Grown. “With the boating community so prevalent in Muskoka, it was a natural fit for us to partner with the CSBC and maximize the reach of our cannabis education efforts to raise awareness about smokesafe cannabis consumption on the water.”

This partnership and awareness campaign is a crucial piece of Muskoka Grown’s ongoing commitment to providing education and contributing to the responsible cannabis industry in Canada.

“With the legalization of recreational cannabis, this strategic partnership gives us the opportunity to reach millions of Canadians and generate awareness surrounding the effects of cannabis and impacts of boating high,” said John Gullick, Chair of the Canadian Safe Boating Council. “We encourage everyone on the water this summer to make responsible choices and educate themselves on responsible cannabis use to prevent the risks and dangers of impaired boating.”

The initiative will take the opportunity to highlight the importance of safe boating by asking people to take the pledge to not boat high during Canada’s first summer of legal recreational cannabis. To take the pledge, consumers can visit

Let’s cultivate a safer summer, together.

About Muskoka Grown

Muskoka Grown is a community-focused brand committed to producing premium products, building meaningful connections with our communities and positively contributing to the conservation of our natural surroundings. To find out more, please

About Canadian Safe Boating Council

The Canadian Safe Boating Council and its members are in the business of safe boating education through its 5 Key Messages; Wear a Lifejacket, Boat Sober, Take a Boating Course, Be Prepared – Both You and Your Vessel, and Be Aware of the Risks of Your Cold Water Immersion. The CSBC was organized in 1991 to improve communications regarding safe boating issues between government departments and agencies servicing recreational boaters’ interests and private companies and organizations in the recreational boating field. To learn more, please visit

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