St. Patrick’s Day 2021: get in the spirit with a Weed Word Search!

I’m not Irish but like many, I enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. It was always a great excuse to get dressed up and go party with your friends but this year, the party has to happen at home.

Given the state of the pandemic, we are still staying home to keep each other safe—but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a great St. Patty’s Day! Here are some ideas and a word search to help get you in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit!

Respect the green

Don’t get your ass pinched by a leprechaun. Even if you are in self-isolation, you can probably find something green to put on. Wear green while you smoke your greens. Pinch anyone in your bubble that forgets and isn’t dressed in proper attire; show no mercy.

Party favours

St. Paddy’s Day is usually synonymous with green beer but that might not be the best idea for 2021. Going out is not a safe option and trying to make green beer at home is a great way to dye your mouth (or worse). Don’t get drunk this year, get stoned instead. Cannabis is green so right there, you know it’s acceptable by St. Paddy’s Day standards. Plus, good bud makes for a great party favour, even if you’re having a party of one. Follow these guidelines:

  • It’s a holiday so splurge on something that you like. Treating yourself will help you feel like you are getting a break in the routine.
  • Consider an edible or trying a cannabis product that you don’t often use—get some hash or a medicated bath bomb.
  • Make the most of your environment. Being at home instead of a bar has its advantages and that’s what you want to maximize. Have comfy seating set up for yourself and get your favourite snacks ahead of time.

Need a movie?

If you’re looking to get baked off some strong indica strain and want to watch a St. Patrick’s Day movie, check out one of these:

  • Boondock Saints
  • Leprechaun – A Jennifer Aniston classic, this movie is supposed to be a horror movie but you can’t take it seriously.

Enough party planning, time to chill out with an interactive weed word search!

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