Rosin Butter

Recipe: Rosin Butter & Reese Peanut Butter Cereal Bars

Cannabutter has cemented itself as a staple amongst cannabis cooks. But just because the most popular way to make it is with whole flower origins, doesn’t mean there are not other ways to make cannabutter, too. In fact, you can make cannabutter with any material containing cannabinoids: shake, kief, and most importantly, rosin.

Cooking with rosin

Rosin, for novices, is what happens when you take your gorgeous cannabis flower and squish it in a press-fitted heated plate.

What happens exactly? Those sticky trichomes you see on a frosty nug warm up and, as a result of the pressure, an opulent cannabinoid-laden concentrate oozes from your flower. This leaves you with one of the tastiest, most potent, and easily infusible cannabis concentrates, without the need for any solvents or a background in chemistry.

Although your freshly pressed rosin may seemingly shout out to you, demanding to be dabbed right there and then, holding your ground will allow you to vastly improve your edible game.

What this beautifully vibrant liquid holds over traditional flower, as far as edibles go, is that it contains very little plant matter. This, in turn, rids the chances that your edibles will have that slightly-nasty plant taste, as well as allow you to supercharge your potency.

Adding one gram of top shelf cannabis may only introduce 100-200mg of THC to your cooking, while in comparison one gram of rosin could add upwards of 800 mg of THC.

Video, Rosin Butter, and Peanut Butter Cereal Bar recipe provided by The Wellness Soldier

Rosin butter recipe

  • 3.5g of preferred cannabis flower
  • 3 tbsp of butter

Although we make this rosin butter using a sous-vide machine, feel free to follow along for directions in the oven as well. The only required pieces of equipment will be a 4 oz mason jar with a sealing lid and as you may have guessed, a rosin press. If you are accustomed to making rosin, feel free to use any technique you prefer. For first-time pressers, get ready to learn a super rewarding solventless-extraction method.

First, remove and discard any large stems from your flower. You don’t need to grind up any of the flower, just make sure you break up any anomalously large nugs. Place the cannabis directly into your micron bag, tamping down to fill out the bag without compressing too hard.

Cut off any excess bag length, leaving around an inch of material beyond where the cannabis ends. Fold the excess material down to seal in the flower, and place it into your parchment-paper-lined press. Press at 220°F for three and a half minutes.

Once the pressing is completed, remove the parchment from your press and collect the extracted rosin using a dab tool or razor. Although decarbing this rosin before infusing into the butter is a more effective option, you can get away with skipping it as the rosin has decarbed slightly during the extraction.

Weigh the rosin on a scale, as yields will vary with different strains and different presses. The industry rule-of-thumb for rosin potency is just under 1:1, so if you yielded 1000 mg (1 gram) of rosin, you’ll have just under 1000 mg of THC (or whatever cannabinoid your strain is dominant in).

Mix the rosin and melted butter together in a mason jar, seal the lid, and drop into your sous-vide setup. Cook for two hours at 180°F. If you don’t have a sous-vide machine, simply follow the same cook time and temperature using an oven. Remove your mason jar from the heat source, and let cool, you’ve now got a super potent jar of cannabutter!

Reese peanut butter cereal bars

  • 3 tbsp of rosin butter
  • 10oz of marshmallows (around 40)
  • 6-8 cups of Reese peanut butter puffs (or any favourite cereal)

So you’ve gone through the extensive procedure of not only making your own rosin, but also rosin butter. Now you’re only a stone’s throw away from making one of the most beloved treats amongst edible-cannabis enthusiasts—the cereal bar.

Place the marshmallows together with the rosin butter in a pot, cooking over medium-low until the marshmallows have completely melted down. Add your cereal into the pot and mix until homogenous. Scrape the mixture onto a parchment-lined baking tray and, using another piece of parchment, press down to flatten across the tray.

Place the tray in the fridge for a couple of hours. Once hardened, remove from fridge and cut into your preferred dosage size. Remember to always know how much THC is going into your product so that you can dose with confidence.

Delicious, potent, and fast to make. What more could you ask for in an edible? If you’re an at-home presser, let us know down below your technique and what recipes you use rosin for. For more delicious cannabis recipes, click here!