7 Best Stoner Snacks Chosen By Cannabis Chefs
7 Best Stoner Snacks Chosen By Cannabis Chefs

7 Best Stoner Snacks Chosen By Cannabis Chefs

Increased legalization of weed has taken the culinary industry by storm. More and more chefs are looking at the weed, not as a drug, but as another ingredient that they can explore. They use it to improve their dishes and snacks bringing a new level of enjoyment to their guests.

When these chefs aren’t in the kitchen cooking up a storm. They are like to enjoy their favorite snacks and we’ve gathered a list of the 7 best stoner snacks chosen by cannabis chefs.

Chef Jeff Danzer: Honey Roasted Almonds a healthy stoner snack

Honey Roasted Almonds snack
Photo By: Chef Jeff Danzer

Jeff Danzer is a Los Angeles-based chef who’s always looking for ways to elevate his recipes with cannabis. From Canna-Cherry Glazed Ham to the double whammy CannaChipWich, Jeff’s recipes never disappoint. You can check out his recipes here.

Chef Miguel Trinidad: Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken as stoner snack
Photo By: Chef Miguel Trinidad

Miguel Trinidad is a Dominican-born chef who fell in love with Japanese, Spanish, and Malaysian cuisine. In 2015, he partnered with Doug Cohen and opened 99th Floor, a company that hosts invite-only cannabis-infused five-star dinners.

Chef Unika Noiel: Seasoned Pretzels

Pretzels with cannabis
Photo By: Chef Unika Noiel

Known as the premier cannabis-infused soul food chef in the Pacific Northwest, Unika Noeil loves to prepare savoury cannabis-infused items through her catering company Luvn Kitchn.

Chef Jessica Catalano: Chocolate Chip Cookies best snack for chocolate lovers

7 Best Stoner Snacks
Photo By: Chef Jessica Catalano

Jessica Catalano is known as the pioneer of strain-specific cannabis cuisine. She loved to create recipes that use the flavor profile of certain strains to enhance the taste of the dish. You can check out her website and recipes here.

Chef Monica Lo: Scallion Pancakes

Scallion Pancakes
Photo By: Chef Monica Lo

Based in San Francisco, Monica Lo combines trendy sous cooking techniques with the complex method of cooking with cannabis.

Chef Andrea Drummer: Sticky Tamarind Wings a stoner snack with tangy flavor

Tamarind Wings
Photo By: Chef Andrea Drummer

Known for being on Netflix’s Cooking On High, Andrea Drummer is an LA-based chef who loves to infuse her dishes with cannabis butter.

Chef Holden Jagger: Donuts

Donut sweet snack
Photo By: Chef Holden Jagger

Holden Jagger loves to combine his expertise in the kitchen with his love for cannabis. Based in LA, Chef Jagger is always experimenting with different pairings of cannabis and food.

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