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Our Favorite Strains of the Week: Sour Cookies And Sweeties

Cannabis Life Network would like to present you with our top two favorite strains of the week: Sour Cookies and Sweeties.

We love these two strains because of their duality. Sour Cookies is more relaxing, while Sweeties is more energizing and uplifting. Continue on to find out more about these two special strains!

Sour Cookies & its relaxing effects

sour cookies
Photo by: Daily Leaf Deals

Sour Cookies is a Cannabis strain that is our top pick for the week! What we love about this strain are the relaxing effects you will feel. This is a Sativa dominant hybrid 70/30. On average this strain is found with 18% THC content but has commonly been found with up to 22%. Sour Cookies has mostly peppery terpenes with a hint of citrus and herbal undertones. The two-parent strains are Girl Scout Cookies and, of course, Sour Diesel.

Sweeties Cannabis Strain

sweeties cannabis strain
Photo by: Kushy

This Cannabis strain is much more energizing. It is a rare Indica dominant hybrid strain 70/30. With a THC content of approximately 21%, Sweeties will give you a strong cerebral high and will keep you more alert! The name sweeties likely came from the sweet aromas you will experience when breaking the bud apart. The terpenes found in this strain is mostly citrus, with a hint of herbal and pepper. This strain is the opposite of the Sour Cookies strain. Sweeties derived from the two-parent strains The White and Tahoe OG.

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