Featured Artist Castro Drops New EP

As a young artist traversing through the confusing jungle that is the music industry can prove to be incredibly difficult. At just 19 years old, the Canadian artist is already a year deep into an illustrious career that has only been amplified on his latest EP “Trophies”. The EP was primarily recorded at none other than Studio710, where Castro got access to some of the best audio equipment in the city.


There were a few things that made this project a true body of work but one thing in particular stuck out. What really made this song stand out in my eyes is the lyrics, specifically in “Put That On Everything”, keeping listeners on their toes at all times. The chorus seemingly comes out of nowhere and resets the narrative that Castro is setting. He mentions the sacrifices his having to make in order to pursue the career he loves. Castro is diving into topics most can relate to.

For any up and coming artist at a young age comes with its fair share of problems, luckily Castro is able to see through it all and stay positive and use it in his music.

Do listen to Castro’s Music & if anybody interested in showcasing their talent, join our team in at Studio 710!

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