There is a myth that I have heard many times and I have always been very hesitant to believe it. I always chalked it up as being a beautiful complement one could make to a stoner, never a fact. It seemed unlikely that someone could consume enough cannabis to make their private parts taste like the plant. Little did I know, adding a little flavor to yourself is completely possible. 

The Myth

A myth is defined as a widely held, yet false belief, and in the culture surrounding cannabis, there are several. Thanks to the change in attitude surrounding cannabis, research is happening and we are learning more about this plant than ever before. Obviously, the medical needs of our society deserve to be the highest priority but thankfully, all the aspects of cannabis are being studied. We are learning more than ever and as a result, stoner folklore is becoming a science.

The idea of one’s private parts tasting like cannabis has been around for a very long time. I heard it over and over again but never really believed it. I had friends tell me about partners that tasted like a weed lollipop, and as much as I wanted to, I never believed it was possible. Plus, whenever I tried to do a little research of my own, I never had the self-control to avoid toking beforehand. I was always acutely aware that it was my mouth that tastes like weed, not the penis inside it. I always assumed that my buddy bragging about their partner was being a chronic and not putting two and two together. Turns out, I was wrong…

Is it real?

Let it be known to one and all, it is completely possible for your private parts to taste like THC! How is it possible? You can thank your mucous membranes and the way that cannabis dissolves!

Cannabis is a lipophilic substance, thus, it has the ability to dissolve into fats, oils, and lipids. When we ingest it, it is distribute by our bloodstream to our fat tissue, liver, lungs, and spleen. Over time, these residual cannabinoids filter back into our bloodstream; eventually, they are excreted by the body, and this is where the magic happens. If you have an excess of THC in your body, you are expelling cannabinoids through your urine, feces, and mucous membranes. If there are enough of them, it’s fully possible to smell and taste it.  

What is your fluid made of

The function of your mucous membrane is to produce a thick, lubricating and protective layer and to keep your body tissues hydrated. Fat is one of the key components of mucous and we know that THC gets deposited into this tissue. In fact, the roadside testing equipment being developed targets mucous, not saliva. That way, the THC content excreted reflects what is in your system, not the post joint residuals left in the mouth.

When we consider how the inside of a vagina is one big mucous layer or the fact that mucus is a necessary component in semen, tasting like THC makes sense for some of us. 

Your own flavor

I always heard that if you eat pineapple, your PH changes and you are going to taste like it. When it comes to cannabis, it doesn’t work that way. There are pills that change the way you taste down there and the thought of what that does to the body is terrifying. At the end of the day, you taste perfectly delicious down there because you taste like you! But, if you ever have someone tell you that your flavor is like a fine chronic, chances are they’re not blowing smoke.