Valentine's Day Gift ideas for your Stoner Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your stoner sweetheart

Sit back, spark up and let us do the thinking for you. Here are gift ideas for that special stoner in your life this Valentine’s Day.

Cannabis chocolates

Weed chocolate is an obvious choice for a romantic gift for your stoner Valentine. There are many brands to choose from or you could even make your own. Try our cannabis-infused brownie recipe here.

Another idea would be to buy a box of chocolates for your Valentine, eat a few yourself and place buds of weed in the spaces!

Hemp massage oil

Help soothe your sweethearts sore muscles with this perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Use this gift straight away to give your sweetheart a well deserved full-body massage.

Cannabis lube

CANNABIS LUBE! Yes! It’s a thing! What better gift to give your stoner sweetheart this Valentine’s day than an even greater orgasm. Cannabis lube offers a range of benefits, from reducing pain and anxiety during sex, to increasing arousal and the intensity of orgasm, to making people with penises last longer and people with vaginas orgasm quicker.


What better way to prove to your sweetheart that they are the light of your life with a custom lighter. Zippo offer customisation features that let you design a lighter with images or an engraved message.

A lighter as a gift this Valentine’s Day would also be a perfect way to reignite an old fame.


A novelty ashtray is ideal if you’re in a new relationship and looking for a gift that isn’t overly romantic for your first Valentine’s Day.

There are plenty of ashtray styles to choose from, classic novelty stoner imagery is always a good idea or visit your local craft boutique for nice wood or metal styles.

Weed bouquet

Give your Valentine a bouquet of bud and pre-rolled joints instead of roses. Roll up some joints, leave space to twist paper at the end of the joint and roll around a little bud! Cute!

Candy bouquet

But what about the munchies? Gift your love a bouquet of weed AND a bouquet of candy. You can easily create this idea yourself and it would go down a treat!

How will you celebrate your love this year? Comment below!