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Why our endocannabinoid system has to work harder when we wear face masks

The digestive system is one big hole, from the mouth to the other end. Yet, it is a gas in your blood that connects face masks and your butt. We breathe out inflammatory gasses produced in our lungs. So, in theory, a covered face means a bigger workload for our bowels, kidneys, and endocannabinoid systems.

nitric oxide connects face masks and your butt

A partially-covered face means less reactive nitrogen and oxygen species can be properly exhaled and more will be pushed out the other end. Photo (1).

Beyond CO2 poisoning

Contrary to the direction of at least one study (2) with zero adequate controls (3), CO2 hardly passes from the lungs into the bloodstream. So, analyzing CO2 levels in blood does not give an adequate result and contradicts several other studies (3-16) including research by the CDC (14.) Eventually, the build-up of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species that we normally exhale might pose a concern as well, though (15.) After all, if those gasses become trapped in our masks, as another study suggests, (16) we will be forced to rebreathe viral particles, cytokines (17), and free radicals. And they have to go somewhere since these particles do circulate back into our bloodstream. If we don’t breathe, spit, or sweat them out then that only leaves two options.

It connects to an increased risk for gastrointestinal damage if face masks do increase a load of free radicals up the butt, in the endocrine system, and in the bowels (18). This often presents itself as any of the following – celiac or wheat sensitivity, IBD, IBS, or cancers of the kidney, bladder, and colon.

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Princess Diana touched an AIDS patient

Science sometimes takes time to catch up with reality. HIV became a mysterious and heavily misunderstood virus shortly after 1981 (19-22). Sadly, the populous feared each other since everyone thought simple touch could spread the disease, not just unprotected sex. (23)

That was before Princess Diana made an appearance in front of a global audience on BBC and shook the hand of a man dying from HIV. (24) She dawned no PPE which shocked the world. And again, she wore no PPE while hugging a seven-year boy in 1989, according to the LA Times. (25) AIDS was strictly referred to as a gay disease with a homophobic focus on butt sex, (26) despite being connected to an engrossed fear of touch without face masks and gloves. (27) Gay men found themselves banished into quarantine without reason.

The Princess (28) changed the stigma; a welcoming advent to those who were dying needlessly alone despite their need for compassion. It is stark how much science and social nuances have both changed and repeated themselves in less than half-a-century. True, the transmission of SARS-COV2 and HIV cannot be compared in any light. (29) But, each global response (30) was initially wrought with fear (31) and ignorance (32) that simply perpetrated greater levels of harm. (33)

Photo courtesy of BC Human Rights Commissioner.

Crying for oxygen without a solution

For many people, masks provide a harmless form of collective protection from coronaviruses for their shoulder neighbor. (34, 35.) Other men and women, however, should instead rely on social distancing. Some nurses will understand this since they must plea with patients suffering from Congestive Heart Failure. (36) These patients must watch their bedside neighbor receive supplemental oxygen (37) while they suffer from constant breathlessness. This is because the disease fills the lungs with fluid and disrupts the heart’s ability to transfer blood-gasses. Sadly, however, oxygen therapy will not stop the feeling of suffocation (38) in patients with this heart condition. This is due to the difference between dyspnea (breathlessness) (39) and hypoxia (40) (low blood-oxygen- levels).

COPD has multiple phenotypes. Blue bloaters struggle to exhale and become insensitive to harmful CO2 levels (41).

My medical exemption? Not enough cannabinoids

Thankfully, the feeling of suffocation stands as a legal cause for a medical exemption and refusal to wear a mask, at least in Canada. Individuals who are exempt due to cerebrovascular or sensory conditions such as migraines, fibromyalgia, and IBD deal with greater levels of oxidative stress due to a theoretical endocannabinoid system deficiency. 

Our bodies rest in a mystical pendulum between cellular destruction and cancerous mutation. The ECS, in its mysterious entirety, acts as a pivotal counterweight in many biological systems. For this reason, the cannabinoids naturally produced by our bodies will protect the intestines, heart, and even the lungs. So, we can all thank the ECS for working hard to keep everything in balance if a greater level of free radicals in our butts from using face masks does not connect to damage or harm.

CBD stops the damage that connects face masks and your butt

CBD and Reactive Oxygen Species

Financial exemptions from social distancing vs. mask mandates

True, face masks might not be a gastric risk to your healthy butt, despite being connected to an increase in free radicals. Keep in mind though, airlines (and bus companies) sent petitions to Government leaders (42, 43). They begged them to be allowed to operate without social distancing to avoid further financial loss (44, 45). So, is it fair if individuals medically exempt from masks are unable to freely rely on social distancing to ensure their viability of life (Canadian Charter, Section 7 and 15?) If your answer to that question is no, then it may be best to butt out of their business and keep your distance if you see a patron without a mask.

Let us know what you think when you see maskless patrons in the comments. And for any healthcare workers, do you cut your mask before throwing them in the trash to prevent sterilization and reuse (46-48)?

Counterfeit Mask. Photo Courtesy of CDC (49).


Some information presented was graciously offered by various nurses, including this writing author’s mother, a senior Certified Registered Nurse whose own mom was a TB nurse in Tranquille Sanatorium’s tuberculosis hospital before her.


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