Vancouver Dispensaries Hoping Campaign Donations Help Their Future

Of the eight dispensaries revealed to have successfully proceeded to the next step in receiving a business license from the City of Vancouver, two have donated to mayor Gregor Robertson’s Vision Vancouver party.

Eden Medicinal Society and Med Pot Now Society donated $2,500 and $1,750, respectively, according to elections BC filings.

Eden currently operates five locations, with only their application for the shop at 3441 Kingsway progressing with city officials. Med Pot Now Society’s application is for 1316 Kingsway.

Medical Express also has an ongoing application for a permit at 2768 Kingsway. If all three permits are approved, Kingsway could become Vancouver‘s retail hub for cannabis shops.

The city has notified businesses and residents within a two-block radius of all eight potential locations, in order to get feedback before an official decision is made.

The city reviewed 176 applications for medical marijuana-related businesses, with only 11 moving on to the next phase.

The city has given the unsuccessful applicants a six month window to find new locations for their stores and apply again.

Once the new permits are awarded, the cost for a business license will be $30,000 for dispensaries, with an exception for compassion club societies, which will only be charged $1,000 to operate legally.

Once the new permits are awarded, it will certainly shake up the existing dispensary scene in Vancouver, as the number of total stores will greatly decline.

Councillor Kerry Jang is overseeing the cannabis file for the city, and has commented that the vetting process for dispensaries is rigorous.

“It’s a three-tier process and I don’t think a lot of them will get through every step,” Jang said.  

Time will tell if the dispensaries will see results from their political contributions.