Vancouver Police Shut Down Dispensary and Claim Hells Angels Links

Vancouver police have raided the Limelife Society on Rupert St. as part of an investigation into alleged links to organized crime. An associate of the Hells Angels is listed as the operator of the East Vancouver medical dispensary, according to a search warrant executed in a raid on the business.

“He is a known Hells Angel associate and is ‘Of Interest’ in five separate gang intel files since 2010,” the warrant states.

According to the court document, police started investigating after observing “new and high end” vehicles in the parking lot.

“I believe these vehicles to be associated to the Hells Angels based on common Hells Angels insignia,” wrote Const. Brian Hobbs, the officer who swore the warrant.

The man, who has also not been charged, allegedly told police he had nothing to do with the store. But in the warrant, police claim he is listed as a contact for one of the dispensary’s accounts.  They also claim an employee who sold cannabis to an undercover officer is the girlfriend of a Hells Angel.

Police claim the store was selling to minors and to people without doctor prescriptions.