Vancouver’s Move to Regulate Dispensaries (Preview)

Here’s a preview of our upcoming series of videos in which Jason Wilcox and the Cannabis in Canada team take an in-depth at look at Vancouver‘s regulation of dispensaries. This CinC exclusive is informed by interviews with Jamie Shaw, Don Briere, and Dana Larsen. We’ll investigate the city’s proposals for regulation through the lens of the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD) and independent dispensary owners.

Vancouver recently made the bold move of formally regulating medical cannabis dispensaries. The federal government, to the shock of no one, fervently opposes the move. But while the issue of medical cannabis is within the purview of the federal government, the dispensaries do not, and are outside of the Health Canada-control of our medicine’s cultivation.

Vancouver’s decision may well provide a template for other municipalities across Canada whose constituents are frustrated by the federal government’s continued prohibition. But what does their proposal mean for dispensary owners? Employees? Clientele? Cannabis in Canada asks the questions you need the answers to.

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