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Volunteers wanted for Vancouver cannabis study

Cannabis use is being put under the microscope by researchers at the B.C. Centre on Substance Use, who are looking to recruit 1,000 volunteers for a new study.

“How adults use cannabis for medical and non-medical purposes has never been fully researched in Canada,” said Dr. M-J Milloy, a research scientist at the BC-CfE and an assistant professor of the University of British Columbia. “Our study aims to generate detailed evidence on cannabis use, harms and possible benefits to help inform the creation of the new public health framework and provide baseline data for monitoring the impacts of legalization.”

Now recruiting participants, the Vancouver Cannabis Dispensary Users Study is the first study in Canada aimed at gathering data from individuals representing the full spectrum of cannabis use, including medical, recreational, problematic and non-problematic use. Participants will complete an anonymous online survey detailing their experiences with weed.

The centre has so far recruited just under 100 people and that, while the timeline for the study’s completion is undetermined,  preliminary results could be available by early summer.

Interested participants can email Dr. Lorena Mota at or call 604-682-2344.