Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. Begins Shipping Live Cannabis Plants

Licensed medical cannabis producer Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. announced earlier today that they have become the first government sanctioned cultivator allowed to sell and ship live cannabis to patients.

Earlier this year, Health Canada announced that their new Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations would permit medical cannabis patients to grow their own medicine and established new rules for licensed producers that allowed them to sell seeds and plants in addition to dried cannabis and oils.

“We are thrilled to be the first licensed producer to offer some of our genetics to Canadians,” said president Chris Pelz. “We have invested significantly in our Plant Research Program here at WMMC and feel that it is important to share those R & D results to offer increased access to medicinal cannabis for ACMPR registered patients.”

The company states on their website that the plants are “hand cut from the same mother plants that produce WMMC’s own harvests” and transported via Surprise, AZ based plant cultivator company Clone Shipper.

Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. lists four different plants available for purchase by patients, at a cost of $750 for five of the clones. The company states that an additional clone can be ordered for $20, plus shipping and handling costs.

A list of plant details, pulled from the company’s website, can be found below.