Why are Cops in Charge of Legalization?

Why are cops, health-care practitioners and licensed producer lobbyists in charge of legalization?

Weren’t these the people responsible for shutting down hundreds, if not thousands, of farms and gardens, sticking people in cages, destroying families and property, and justifying it all under “public health and safety” propaganda?

As Canada’s first drug czar Bill Blair put it, “There needs to be reasonable restrictions on making sure that we keep it away from kids, because I think that is very much in the public interest.”

But Blair takes it one step further, it’s not just about kids anymore, Blair wants to ensure that even full-grown, self-owning adults are subject to federal rules.

“One of the things that we have to be concerned with is to ensure that it’s not adulterated in any way; that we have some understanding of its quality and its potency, so that if it is to be used by an adult population, that it can be done safely and in a healthy way,” he told the Globe and Mail.

What Blair forgets, or perhaps his former-cop mentality prevents him from seeing, is that nobody has died from cannabis even while it’s been in a “black market.”

We don’t need the federal government ensuring that adults are smoking “safely and in a healthy way.”

Legalization is a new form of prohibition, and for the most part, the police are in charge. There goes the “we don’t make the rules, we just enforce them” rhetoric.

Bill Blair is Canada’s first drug czar, British Columbia’s former top-cop Kash Heed is a consultant for LPs, and Kim Derry is a former-cop turned LP who told Blair to “get rid of the goons,” meaning us, the BC Bud market economy.

We can even look to Vancouver’s regulation of dispensaries and compassion clubs. Although city bureaucrats will decide who stays and who goes, the decision is based on some of the information the Vancouver Police provide.

The ban on edibles in Vancouver was the result of health-care busy-bodies. Displaying their ignorance concerning consumer sovereignty in a free and fair market, they claim to demonstrate the public’s best interest by appealing to their profession.

The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse has successfully lobbied for a voice in Ottawa, and they are determined to educate the public on “the harms associated with cannabis,” including preventing the entrepreneurialism of Colorado.

The Canadian Medical Cannabis Industry Association (CMCIA) are calling on the “federal government to address the proliferation of illegal marijuana dispensaries in Canada, in order to protect public health and public safety.”

Liberal legalization means a sort-of cannabis technocracy, no cannabis or hemp entrepreneurs, just cops, health-care practitioners and licensed producer lobbyists dictating what you are permitted to do with your own body.

You know, prohibition?

The fascists in charge are asking themselves “what is to be done?” and the answer is an unjust acquisition of the BC Bud market economy.