5 most aesthetic Canadian edible brands

Remember back when the only weed edibles you can get were homemade pot brownies in a ziplock bag? With unevenly distributed THC levels, one piece would either not hit at all or knock you out. Fortunately, the cannabis industry is evolving fast and there are more and more edibles brands selling proper and tasty weed edibles. Here are 5 of the most aesthetic Canadian edible brands you can enjoy yourself or gift to your friends and family.

Boost Edibles 

boost edibles
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Boost is one of the best selling edible brands in Canada. They sell THC and CBD gummies, chocolate bars, and tinctures. They also have gummies and chocolate mushrooms edibles for those who want a psychedelic trip! Their delicious, juicy gummies are all naturally flavoured and made with the best ingredients. The gummies come in 5 different flavours: strawberry, lemon, green apple, watermelon, and cherry (get the variety pack to try a few of each flavour). The dosage is consistent and reliable; their options for THC and CBD edibles are 10mg or 20 mg per piece and they come in a cute tin of 15 pieces. Another cool thing that Boost has is its CBD tinctures blended with natural flavours and essential oils. There are 5 varieties of tinctures: sleep, focus, recover, calm, and energize. You can take self-care to the next level with Boost’s CBD tinctures. You can find a wide variety of Boost products here at HappyTreeBuds.com

boost cbd drops
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Canadian Edible Brand Dank D’lights 

Canadian Edible Brand Dank D'lights
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Instead of getting your girlfriend a normal box of chocolates for valentines, get her a box of gourmet Dank D’lights chocolate edibles. Dank D’light is a Vancouver based edible brand that sells gourmet, premium handcrafted edibles. They have fancy truffles, power bars, and gummies that all look and taste amazing. Some of their truffle flavours include salted caramel, french vanilla, matcha green tea, blood orange, and more. They even have vegan options. For those of you who like boujee things, getting high has never been classier with a box of Dank D’lights Gourmet Edibles– the perfect gift for special occasions. 

D'lights Gift of Luxury
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Strawberry Feels SeC
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SeC is another Vancouver based edible brand that sources the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients to make their great-tasting infused gummies. These gummies are not only delicious, they will also give you a clean and effective high because they use solvent-free THC distillate with minimal impurities or residue such as butane, propane, alcohol or CO2. There is a wide range of dosage options from 5mg to 800mg for users with different tolerance levels and medicinal needs. They also have a premium selection of CBD products and THC extracts.  

SeC edibles
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Miss Envy Botanicals

Canadian Edible Brands
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Miss Envy Botanicals produces innovative and handmade 100% organic medicinal cannabis products, providing a smoke-free alternative for consuming cannabis. They have a large selection of different products including an infused skincare line, massage oils, tinctures, capsules, phoenix tears, culinary additives, and even pet supplements. Additionally, they have both pure CBD or THC products and products with a ratio of both. The dosage depends on how much of the product you take which can be easily measured. Live a healthy, holistic lifestyle with Miss envy’s cannabis wellness products for you and your loved ones (even your pets). 

Bully Bits
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Twisted Extracts

Twisted Extracts
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Twisted Extracts has strain-specific edibles with different ratios and dosages so you can find the most suitable type for you. Their edibles come in Indica or Sativa strains with the options of CBD, THC, or a ratio of both. Twisted extracts have partnered with the craft cannabis growers community, so they have control over the entire process from seed to final product. All their products are tested at Health Canada approved laboratories to ensure safe and accurate dosage. They use the same strain for each of their different products so that you can get consistent and reliable effects. They have a large selection of delicious jelly bombs, Cara-melts, and oil drops. Can’t pick just one or want to try them all? The twisted sampler box is a perfect gift package to treat yourself and your friends.

Canadian Edible Brands
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Edibles are the healthiest ways to consume cannabis. These Canadian edible brands have products that are not only delicious but also look great and promote wellness. Taking edibles just got onto another level with these 5 most aesthetic edibles brands.

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