Big Sean, SZA, Dacey, Yung Gravy

New Music Friday: Big Sean, SZA, Dacey, Yung Gravy

Hey, we’re back again for another round of hype music suggestions right in time for the long weekend. This time around we’ve got tracks from Big Sean, SZA, Dacey, Yung Gravy and More

Detroit 2 – Big Sean

Not who I was expecting to drop an album this week, but big sean creator or “I don’t fuck with you” has released his 6th album. “Detroit 2” shows no signs of him laxing, falling off or slowing down. “Detroit 2” sounds fresh, current, polished, gritty, and somewhat old school. Nothing but classic hip hop sounds executed well, good hooks, well-chosen features, and good song structure. Another interesting thing about this project is that it’s a 21 song album, which sets “Detroit 2” apart in this world where anything above 10 songs is considered an album, it’s nice to see large projects being released. Not to mention his extensive list of legendary names that have features on this album, the likes of Eminem, Lil Wayne and who other than Nipsey Hussle. 9/10

Tap in – Saweetie ft Post Malone, Da Baby, Jack Harlow

Saweetie is back with another huge hit, backed up by three of the biggest names in music at the moment, Da baby, Jack Harlow, and Post Malone. “Tap In” remix is great, every one of these superstar artists brings there A game, delivering solid verses that elevate her already great track to a new level. With so many voices on one song, this track is super interesting to listen to sounding fresh at every turn due to each artist having such a unique vocal performance. 7/10

Yup! – Yung Gravy

The king is back, Yung gravy is keeping his train of singles coming with his latest release. “Yup!” is nothing serious, or incredibly impressive musically, but it is incredibly fun to listen to and groove to. He once again strikes the perfect balance of funny, good, and interesting that makes Gravy so special. What can you expect from this track? Funny one-liners, catchy choruses, a funky Latin beat, and a supreme music video, making it simply put a good listen and worth your time if you want a good laugh. 5/10.

Hit different SZA ft Ty Dollar sign

This song for lack of a better explanation hit’s different. It’s not something I would usually gravitate to but after a few listens, the velvety smooth melodic vocals and vibey beat with its rolling bass, has become incredibly captivating. This song oozes sensual energy, feelings of nostalgic a summer love spring to mind, this is not a song to listen to along if you know what I mean ;). 6/10

Broccolis Keeper -Dacy

In our wildcard slot this week for song released more than a week ago goes to “Broccoli’s Keeper” by Dacey. A simple easy listening tune perfect for chilling out with a drink or a blunt. One of its best features is its infectious melody and chorus that had me humming and mumbling along to during my first listen. “Puff galore I’m craving you more, Down to the roach, I head back to the store, To buy another baggy, Smoke an apple to its core Puffy Ms. Reefer is all that I adore” this chorus repeats 6 times throughout the song but never feels tiresome. 6/10

Thanks for tuning in to new music Friday for another week of music selections just in time for the weekend. What was your favorite song from this list? Let us know in the comments, as well as which music tracks you think we missed this week.