We’re back with another new music Friday, our picks for some of the best hip hop songs to be released this week. This time around we have a lot of really interesting songs, they are all very different from each other, some are melodic some are complete bangers.


Drake’s new album is going to be crazy if every song is as good as the singles he’s been releasing. “Laugh now cry later” brings more melodic Drake vibes hitting you right in the feels. Also released a video at Nike headquarters that’s production level is absolutely mind-blowing. This man’s dedication to creating quality video content is impressive. He’s really gunning for his legacy with these videos. They are beautiful, funny and have a timeless look that will never be cheesy or out of style. Don’t forget to hear Drake’s new music this Friday.

Music Video Show Stopper – Ankle God

Vancouver local Ankle God is back with another banger. This time collaborating with fellow Vancoverit Aze AKA Silver Spades to deliver an incredible music video. “Show Stopper” is best listened to on loudspeakers with lots of base and lots of friends, its got tons of energy and fun little verses to sing along to.


Jack is back. Mr. Harlow drops a new single “Automatic“, it’s exactly what you’d expect from a jack Harlow track, an interesting beat and jack spitting his usual roundabout flow. The beat sounds like something Kenny Beats would produce, its simple and repetitive running circles around itself throughout the song, it’s very different but definitely catchy. Then Jack pairs his vocal delivery perfectly to it matching the unique flow of the beat, creating a sound that I can’t say I’ve heard many times before if ever. This track is interesting, to say the least. Also, it will be featured in the new Maden 2021 which is gonna be super fun to play along to.


Classic Anderson, at his best as always, delivers another crazy single. Dripping with 70’s swagger, “Cut em in” is fun to listen too, it puts a smile on your face and makes you move. Anderson brings his usual charm cracking quick jokes and enjoying himself with a nice and relaxed flow. Rick Ross’s verse adds a refreshing sound to the track, bringing some more bass to a song with no 808’s his smooth voice acts as a nice break in the song, getting you ready for Anderson to come back and finish the song.


Jaden is in the process of hyping up the world for his rumored final album, and finally to the Syre storyline. “Rainbow bap” follows the release of “Cabin fever” and breaches new ground for the artist, moving into a more melodic territory distancing himself from the trap scene where he found his origins. This track has an incredibly melancholic and nostalgic feel, brought through its poetic lyrics and soft instrumental. Jaden is also bringing a completely new visual style for this project. No longer appearing as Syre in the hills chasing the sunset, this project features a 70’s esc, style filled with flowy colors and flowers.

Those were our picks for new music this Friday, let us know your thoughts and what tracks we missed below in the comments.