Cannabis Cigarette Canada

Cannabis Cigarette Coming Soon

We already have prerolled joints, but soon Canadians will be able to buy cannabis cigarettes from licensed producer THC BioMed. But the question is, will they want to?

Canada’s first cannabis cigarette coming soon

You’d think that licensed producers would want to avoid associating cannabis and tobacco, and yet, soon you’ll have the option of smoking weed through a cigarette filter.

Is this is a bid to normalize cigarettes, or a huge appeal to cigarette smokers? Maybe it’s both.

It seems THC Biomed thinks there’s a market of tobacco smokers that might be interested in cannabis, if only cannabis came in cigarette form.

THC Biomed CEO John Miller even admitted as much when talking about the company’s CBD line of cannabis cigarettes, saying in a press release:

“We expect regular cigarette users will find it easier to transition to our CBD product, which we think is better than smoking tobacco”.

Cannabis Cigarette –The details

An automated cigarette manufacturing has been installed at the company’s Kelowna facility. They will be:

  • be sold in packs of 3 or 20
  • have “Commercial grade cigarette filter”
  • contain no tobacco

Not included:

  • Price
  • Weight

The Machine

The machine itself is a technological marvel, capable of pumping out 5000 cannabis cigarettes per minute. That works out to 83 cannabis cigarettes per second! Here’s a video of the machine that was posted to THC Biomed’s website.

In a press release John Miller, President and CEO of THC BioMed, said

“We are pleased to be the first cannabis producer to put filters between the cannabis we are selling, and our consumers. Filters were invented to protect the consumer and not degrade the experience.”

Mr. Miller went on with a bold claim for the future, predicting:

“The old way of rolling joints will be something of the past”.

The problem with filters, unfiltered

A big problem with cigarettes, aside from the cancer and other health problems, is what’s left over after it’s smoked. Not only are cigarette butts a fire hazard, especially in the drier summer months, but those filters made from cellulose acetate fibre can take 10 to 15 years to break down. That’s not very green at all.

Do we really want to be creating more of this?

Compare this to the filter on the end of your typical joint or preroll. There are many people who don’t even bother with filters at all. But if they do, they might use rolling tips if they’re fancy or business cards if they’re resourceful- but either way, it’s biodegradable paper.

Saying prerolls are better for the planet might be taking it a bit far, but at least we can say they’re environmentally friendlier than cigarettes.

Either way, the success of cannabis cigarettes will offer an interesting look into a relatively unexplored method of cannabis use as it will be the first time that cannabis in this form will be legally available on a national level.

Featured image courtesy of Snopes.