I know a guy who said he was driving on edibles once but had to pull over and wait it out because he was getting too fucked up. 

Never have I driven so impaired that I’m a danger to myself or others.

Most people don’t. 

Automobiles are like weapons. Used incorrectly, they can seriously hurt people. Even a mistake can cost a life.

Fortunately, in general, people don’t become violent for no reason. They don’t run people over with their car or drive cyclists off the road. And they don’t impair their motor skills with an excess of substances while they drive.

In general. 

But some people do drive fucked up. These people don’t care and think little of others. They have no qualms about getting behind the wheel either drunk or too high.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or MADD, often equate cannabis and alcohol in their anti-drugged driving ads. 

With alcohol, they have a valid point. You shouldn’t drink and drive. But it’s silly to assume the same for cannabis

Your mileage will vary, but eating cannabis edibles won’t cause all hell to break loose. It may give you a slower reaction time behind the wheel. But surely no more than a healthy 70-year-old man with a hearing aid or a mother in a minivan with screaming children. 

You may find yourself a more conscious driver on low doses of THC.

With cannabis, minutes can make all the difference. As opposed to alcohol, where an hour may go by and you still aren’t sober.

Alcohol leaves you drunk. Cannabis leaves you “cloudy” in the head but not high. Functional but not 100%. About the same as driving without coffee on a 4-6 hour sleep. Be careful.

And what about the others? The ones who aren’t careful? Don’t we need impaired driving laws and government police to enforce it?

As I’ve outlined ad nauseam in older posts, government police provide particular goods and services for society. But there is nothing government bureaucracy can offer us that cannot be replicated and improved upon by a free market.

Cannabis prohibition is a case in point. Political bodies make laws and political bodies enforce those laws. 

And then, when subsequent legalization is guided by a former police chief to profit former politicians and police agents, people expect political bodies to find political solutions.

So what kind of edible regulations are we looking at when it comes “impaired driving” laws? 

Well, here’s what they’re going to do versus what they should do. 

The government already listened to public and industry consultations and are now deliberating.

Like the rest of legalization, the forever vague “public health and safety” meme will mask the blind lust to power. 

You’re either a useful idiot or a sociopath no better than the ones running the top crony banks and industry. 

Their political solution to edibles and driving is to increase state power.

What they should do is legalize the entire market. Not just cannabis, but everything especially money.

Leave us alone. Some people are going to be reckless behind the wheel. Sober or not. It’s an entrepreneurial problem.  

I bet there are more dangerous psychopaths with far greater power doing something else. Like running the checkpoints police call ride programs. 

Featured image courtesy of Auto Advantage.