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Cannabis Growers of Canada speak out on Manitoba’s ban on home grows

Chad Jackett, the President of the Cannabis Growers of Canada, called in to CJOB 680 Winnipeg recently to talk about Manitoba’s plan to ban home cultivation- even though the federal government has allowed home cultivation of up to 4 plants.

So far, Manitoba and Quebec are the only two provinces to ban home growing outright.

Chad explains how Manitoba’s ban on home cultivation infringes on the rights of Canadians to be self sufficient, how the term ‘black market’ is often used in reference to the cannabis community to give it a bad name, and why Canadian cannabis needs an open and free market.

Chad has been growing for two decades, and has experience in all aspects of the cannabis industry– from the growers to the head shops- and as President of the Cannabis Growers of Canada, his organization fights on behalf of the existing cannabis community and gives a voice to everyone who have had their hearts, lives and properties on the line for so many years.

The Cannabis Growers of Canada, who are dedicated to creating a free and fair craft cannabis economy, are also fighting the federal government’s push to monopolize the cannabis industry and exclude everyone who fought so hard to get cannabis to this point.

For Chad’s full conversation on CJOB 680 Winnipeg, see below.