Cannabis Spreading In TV And Film

With legalization slowly spreading throughout North America, cannabis is becoming more and more a part of the culture. A recent Gallup poll showed that 58% of Americans supported the legalization of cannabis, and the popularity is continuing to grow. With these facts, it makes sense for networks to try out more cannabis themed TV shows and movies.

NBC is set to produce a comedy called “Buds” that revolves around a Colorado cannabis dispensary. Kevin Smith has just produced a pilot for his show “Hollyweed”, which is also a comedy. An Amazon series, “Highland” stars Margaret Cho and is a drama about a dispensary owned by Cho’s parents. HBO has been airing a web series named “High Maintenance” and it could potentially be shown on the HBO channels.

The cannabis industry and movement is helped by celebrities who explicitly endorse certain products or in this case participate in films and shows that are cannabis-themed. Snoop Dogg has recently endorsed a Canadian licensed producer, and Woody Harrelson has applied for a business permit for a cannabis dispensary in Hawaii. We can expect more to do so in the future as well.