Cannabis Strains to Help Ease Your Anxiety Chosen by Weed Smokers

Suffer from Anxiety? It’s now been proven that 18.1% of the population suffers from this daily. Here are the top cannabis strains for anxiety recommended by one weed smoker to another.

Indica or Sativa?

Indica or Sativa

A common question that comes up is; do I choose a strain of Indica or Sativa? Many smokers have said that smoking has caused anxiety for them, while others insist that it helps. Understanding what strains do and the effects they have on the body will help you make a more clear choice on what to smoke. When choosing one or the other things to consider are: do you want immediate relief or not?

Indica- Generates quick results

Indica is excellent for generating a calm and serene effect due it having lower THC content. Higher CBD ratio can lead to experiencing more soothing effects of your anxiety treatment and assist with a decreased risk of paranoia. If you’re treating medical marijuana as a beta-blocker it may have more immediate effects on your anxiety. It can result in a less mentally active mind, which would alleviate some of the symptoms that make anxiety more pronounced depending on the state you’re in when you start smoking.

Cannabis Strain Sativa helps in anxiety and depression

Sativa is more THC dominant meaning that it does increase brain activity. This may not offer as many immediate effects as Indica, however, it will be a more profound high which could lead to less awareness of anxiety symptoms such as heart palpitations. Sativa has the same effects on depression as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) that are being used to treat forms of depression by, actively preventing serotonin from being absorbed too quickly in the brain. If you’ve suffered from depression as well and your anxiety is a contributing side effect to this, people have said that Stativa may assist with both.

Granddaddy Purple- Great for relaxation

Granddaddy Purple
[INDICA – THC Dominant] Granddaddy Purple can promote a relaxed state in the mind and body. Many people use it to assist with chronic pain and due to its effect on the body in this way it has also helped many with anxiety.

Jack Herer a THC dominant strain

Jack Herer

[INDICA – THC Dominant] Jack Herer is a strain that has warm and bright effects. Many have said that Jack Herer provides a great mood adjustment without draining from your energy supply. Due to it being more THC dominant it’is a great cannabis strain if you find that your anxiety is very strong and present and you’re looking for more immediate effects.

Northern Lights- Cannabis Strain with soothing effects

Cannabis strain Northern Lights

[INDICA – THC Dominant] Northern Lights has been known to be one of the best cannabis strains for assisting with anxiety due to its tranquillizing-type effect. It’s been said to assist with anxious thoughts which can help when you’re needing to calm down. Do not smoke this when you have to go somewhere. *great for naps*

Remedy a CBD Dominant Strain

Remedy cannabis strain

[SATIVA – CBD Dominant] Remedy offers a peaceful mindset that can lighten the effects of anxiety. Due to it being a CBD dominant it can be used more as an upper and elevates your mood. Many have found it to be great when smoked outdoors.

Strawberry Cough- Helpful in Relieving Stress

Strawberry Cough

[SATIVA – CBD Dominant] Strawberry Cough is energizing for the body but, offers calming effects for the mind. Many smokers say that this is a great strain to smoke when you’re going into a stressful situation as it allows you to remain focused while also feeling the effects of being high. Highly recommended.

Canna-Tsu- A Hybrid Cannabis Strain

Canna-Tsu hybrid cannabis strain

[HYBRID – CBD AND THC MIXED] Canna-Tsu is a hybrid mix it is going to offer both of the positive effects of Sativa and Indica. This mix is great because not everyone is going to want to numb out or be activated. It offers more gentle effects that can assist with a peaceful mindset. If you have a lot of anxiety and just want to a strain to get you out of reality for a bit, this is the best strain to go for.

Anxiety can be a very crippling thing when faced with it on a daily basis. From one soul to another, smoking weed has helped greatly towards my own coping mechanisms and I hope that this information offers you a sense of relief in this way. Now, don’t stress out, mellow out, and enjoy the beauty this plant medicine can offer.