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BC Micro Cannabis Developer Announces First Craft Cannabis Industrial Park

VANCOUVER, April 9, 2019 /CNW/ – With municipal approval granted to develop a property in Prince George, Cannabis West Development Corporation (CWDC) announced it is launching the first in a chain of craft cannabis industrial parks in Canada.

“Focused specifically on the craft cannabis industry here in BC, these parks will become home to the thousands of craft cultivators and master growers transitioning to the new compliant state under the federal government’s move to legalize cannabis last October,” says CWDC CEO Sean Maloney.

“CWDC believes that the real production capacity and cultivation expertise of the Canadian cannabis industry is held by the craft cultivators who have been growing the world’s best quality premium flower product,” says Maloney. “Master growers know how to produce the quality product required to meet market demand. Experienced cultivators here in B.C. have worked for decades perfecting their craft product.”

There are an estimated 17,500 micro cannabis cultivators in BC alone.

Maloney is confident that CWDC’s craft cannabis business model will thrive in their industrial park design, enabling craft cultivators to compete with any Licensed Producer in the country.

“Our model will provide access to state-of-the-art facilities, industrial load infrastructure, energy and various other efficiencies through bundled services such as security and technical support,” he says.

“We pull together expertise in everything from HVAC technology to federal licensing and compliance support. Our collective efforts are entirely focused upon supporting the craft cannabis cultivator.  Our business eco-system encourages cultivators to maintain their intellectual property and build their brand.”

Operating within the CWDC business model, competent cultivators should expect a ROI within nine to twelve months, with annual sales estimated to be between $6-7 million.

“Our corporate mantra is ‘For Cultivators, By Cultivators’,” Maloney says.  He often hears of craft producers being solicited to secure long-term supply agreements to provide world-class product at discounted price points. “At CWDC our goal is to work with cultivators to support their passion. All craft cultivators are advised to seek legal advice before signing a deal that would see their valuable IP and brand discounted and white labeled.”

Zoning for the Prince George site that will be the location of CWDC’s first industrial park was approved by the municipal council April 8, following a public hearing earlier in March.

Maloney says CWDC is receiving tremendous response from local governments who value the compliance, transparency, and public safety aspect of CWDC’s planning efforts.

“Municipalities are keen to see brownfield industrial sites redeveloped to provide valuable good jobs and new sources of municipal revenue. Meanwhile, craft cannabis cultivators and entrepreneurs yearn for the opportunity to bring their world class product to the legitimate space. Positive feedback from the craft cannabis cultivator community has been overwhelming.”

Founded in 2018, CWDC is a privately held, integrated niche market development company, delivering real estate solutions and professional services to the micro cannabis industry.

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