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Craft cannabis is an industry that involves thousands of small cannabis farms in Canada and the United States where they cultivate their plants to flower to perfection. Have you heard of it?

The green rush is sweeping across the continent of North America. From Canada to the United States and even Mexico, cannabis has opened minds and changed viewpoints. Support for cannabis legalization is at an all-time high in Canada (which legalized it last October) and the United States.

The impending legalization of marijuana feels inevitable, and America isn’t far behind. Big time players with corporate financing are setting themselves up for future generational wealth.

In the process, they are crushing the small growers and obliterating craft cannabis. Craft cannabis is an industry that involves thousands of small cannabis farms in Canada and the United States. These farms don’t grow cannabis in bulk quantity for sheer profit.

They cultivate their plants to flower them to perfection. Craft cannabis is rich in terpenes, trichomes, and cannabinoids. This creates happy plants and happier plants produce better medicine.

Forcing A Grow Really Shows

Forced plants grown to fit profit margins do not fall into the guidelines of happy plants. For example, there are many strains of haze available for sale in dispensaries across North America. These Haze plants are grown using what is called calendar grows.

A calendar grow is a grow that runs on 45-day Cycles. The average Haze plant takes around 12 weeks to mature and does not fall even close to a 45-day flowering time.

To get the plant to flower in 45 days it must be forced. Forcing a plant to flower early doesn’t produce happy medicine. Some of the chemicals still used to this day by some cannabis growers are not only bad, they’re banned.

Chemicals like the banned in Colorado, Eagle 20, are as bad for us as the pharmaceuticals, tobacco, and alcohol that many are trying to steer clear from. Craft cannabis is superior to large-scale commercial cannabis grows where each plant is treated identically.

Large cannabis grows

  • 45-day flowering cycles
  • Cannabis is flowered in large batches
  • All plants are treated the same
  • Plants are harvested in 45 days regardless of where they are in the flowering stage

Craft cannabis grows

  • Plants are grown in small batches so that the grower can attend to each plant
  • No calendar to push or keep a grow cycle is used
  • Craft cannabis produces a higher quality of medicine
  • Plants are grown until they are flowered to perfection

A great example of craft cannabis in Canada is Liberty Farms. These are the folks behind one of Canada’s legendary craft cannabis strains, Lindsay OG. If you’re lucky enough to live in Canada or travel there, you can locate a store that carries this sensational craft cannabis and try it for yourself.

When it comes to craft cannabis in the U.S, if you happen to be in Boulder Colorado you can get your hands on some beautifully flowered craft cannabis. There is a place that’s on point there called from The Farm.

Caregivers are where you find craft cannabis in the U.S. for the most part. Some of the best pot I’ve ever smoked was grown by old timers for their own personal stash. Diablo was a craft strain I tried while in Oregon and it was amazing.

Farmer Tom is another amazing cannabis farmer here in the U.S. He works to not only teach others about organic farming but works to teach the MAN about it too! There is so much to tell you about Farmer Tom that it’s easier to direct you to his website Farmer Tom Organics to learn more.

Craft cannabis depends on organic farming applications. Growers who are using these methods are producing some of the finest quality cannabis on the planet. If you haven’t tried craft cannabis yet, then you’re missing out.

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