SpeakEasy’s “Cannabis Complex”

VANCOUVER, May 21, 2019 /CNW/ – SpeakEasy Cannabis Club Ltd. (CSE: EASY) (Frankfurt: 39H) (the “Company” or “SpeakEasy“) is pleased to provide an update on the progress of SpeakEasy’s Cannabis Complex. The Cannabis Complex is a facility designed around the needs of SpeakEasy’s featured growers and embodies the philosophy of growing premium small batch cannabis at scale.  SpeakEasy’s mission is to employ small-scale, time tested ideas that focus on quality and attention to detail.  Efficient scaling can then be done to meet the anticipated enormous demand.


“We are extremely excited about the progress with our Cannabis Complex”, said Marc Geen, CEO, SpeakEasy.  “It is a truly innovative and a sophisticated facility, designed for our high quality, small batch cannabis.  This state of the art facility allows us to have full control of our environment while avoiding pitfalls and keeping cost controls in place,” further states Marc Geen.

Below are further updates and timetables associated with our planned progression through to full stage lockup.  SpeakEasy wishes to thank all of our valued shareholders for their commitment to our ever increasing and broad scope within the cannabis industry.

Key points on timings

·         Late thaw put us behind by 4 -6 weeks

·         The liner package in LP2 and LP3 allows us to make this time back

LP2 & LP3

·         Lock up is complete

·         Sign off on structural building structural is complete

·         Application for stage 2 permitting for occupancy has been submitted

·         Mechanical walkways are being fabricated

·         Concrete pad for walkways and loading docks is nearing completion

·         Design of mechanical/climate control systems are nearing completion

·         Interior liner package has been ordered, engineering has begun

·         Septic tanks are installed and approved and have received final permit

·         Design and engineering for the backup electrical systems has been completed

·         13,500 ft2 concrete pad has been poured and finished (LP3 Only)


·         Application for our lockup permit is in process

·         Structural, civil, mechanical, electrical Schedule B(s) are being collected

·         Permit will be submitted within the next two weeks

·         Geotech work has been completed

·         Concrete forms for the pad have been completed

·         Septic tank has been ordered

·         Design and engineering for the backup electrical systems has been completed

About Craft Cannabis: 

As the beer and spirits industry have proven, the market for small batch, high quality product is immense.  The craft spirit market alone is estimated to be worth nearly $100 billion worldwide, in the next half decade.  Craft cannabis is an extremely valuable and an under produced commodity to which, SpeakEasy is poised to benefit from.

*Broken Coast Cannabis, a relatively tiny small batch cannabis company from British Columbia was acquired by Aphria for $230 million in January 2018.

Unique cultivation, innate controls and the ultimate in customer satisfaction, are the achievements that we at SpeakEasy, strive for. The future is brighter than ever due to our land package that allows for near endless scalability.

About SpeakEasy Cannabis Club Ltd.:

SpeakEasy is a late stage applicant under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (the “ACMPR“), that is seeking to leverage three generations of farming experience in B.C., to produce high quality, small batch cannabis products once, it obtains a license to do so.   The Company currently owns 290 acres of land in Rock Creek, British Columbia. The Company’s 10,000 square foot indoor facility will allow for the growth, production, and cultivation of small batch cannabis if and when the Company obtains a license from Health Canada. Construction has also commenced on an 80,000 square foot expansion facility.  Completion for the expansion is projected for Q2 2019.