Craig Ex on Swearnet with Amy Anonymous

Check out this awesome Instagram video from our friends at Swearnet featuring Amy Anonymous doing it up for Swearnet’s last episode of “CANNABIS”, season 1.

We get a look at some of the episode’s highlights as Amy dips her feet into the freezing waters of Nova Scotia, checks out the Peace East 420 Festival, and does an industry profile on Craig Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints.

By the way, if you know Swearnet, it’s no surprise that they’re in Nova Scotia since it’s the “uncensored comedy network” brought to you by Mike Smith, JP Tremblay and Robb Wells. If those names don’t ring a bell, perhaps they’re better known to you as Bubbles, Julian, and Ricky of the Trailer Park Boys?

Amy ran into Craig at the 2017 Karma Cup in downtown Toronto, where he was there covering the event with Studio 710, and she put his expert rolling skills to the test. As you can see, his skills stands for itself!

He points to one of our favourite growers for an example of the amazing potential of craft cannabis- Liberty Farms, the growers behind the legendary Lindsay OG strain that uses no pesticides or chemicals in their real, quality cannabis, according to Craig.

Craig also tells Amy how he became one of Canada’s most recognizable cannabis personalities and why he’s fighting the good fight to normalize cannabis and help bring it to the mainstream. Then there’s the issue of craft cannabis. Craig strongly believes craft cannabis should be allowed to flourish in Canada so the cannabis industry doesn’t end up being dominated only by massive corporate-owned LP’s.

Amy mentions how Canada’s licensed producers have had recalls over the use of banned pesticides and other issues, and Craig points out how unlicensed growers like Temple of Calyx and REMO have NEVER had a recall.

Want more? Then make sure to check out Craig turn the tables and interview Amy in the video here.