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Crop King Seeds: Best of 420 Vancouver

You’ve probably seen clips and pics of this year’s record-breaking 420 Vancouver all over the place- like the 7+ hour livestream, the CLN montage, Cypress Hill’s Instagram, and all over the mainstream media- but you probably haven’t seen it from the elevated eyes of the King from Crop King Seeds.

The insane amount of work and love that goes into throwing one of the world’s biggest 420 celebrations is evident from the moment you see the beautiful time lapse that shows the bustling farmer’s market and crowd growing in front of the main stage at Sunset Beach in anticipation of the free Cypress Hill Concert. The icing on the cake was the perfect weather- 420 organizers couldn’t have asked for a better day.

crop king
The crowds at Sunset Beach for 420 Vancouver 2019. Courtesy of JadeMaple photographer Craig Barker.

The Crop King Seeds video gives you a special look inside 420 Vancouver and what it’s really like to be there, and it shows why 420 Vancouver has consistently been one of the city’s biggest, best-behaved, and peaceful events. 420 Vancouver has also managed to keep its rebellious spirit of civil disobedience, too, because it’s technically still illegal despite legalization. Why? The Vancouver Park Board refuses to give 420 Vancouver a permit.

But that didn’t stop Crop King Seeds or any of the cannabis faithful from coming out and celebrating all that is cannabis. You can even see the His Royal Highness mixing and mingling with the crowd, taking selfies, and giving out joints- like a true man of the people!

But the Crop King Seeds wasn’t the only colourful character. Keep an eye out for the people who came out in their funkiest, weirdest, and most weed-inspired styles- from hippy tie-dyes to weed-emblazoned blazers.

Neil Magnuson overlooks the crowds of 420 Vancouver. Courtesy of JadeMaple photographer Craig Barker.

Make sure to watch until the end to see the epic 4:20 countdown and B-Real from Cypress Hill puffing on a joint as long as his forearm.

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