420 Vancouver 2019 Montage: The biggest 420 ever with Cypress Hill

Relive some of the best moments of 420 Vancouver with the exclusive montage of the all-day, 420-minute broadcast hosted by Craig Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints and Piper Courtenay, the cannabis editor at Straight Cannabis and the Georgia Straight.

The four-minute, twenty-second clip is a nonstop symphony of sights, sound, and smoke- so much smoke that you’ll get a contact high if you don’t watch out!

This year, 420 Vancouver was celebrating its 25th anniversary and they needed something big to fit the epic occasion and organizers did not disappoint. The headlining performance was a free concert from Cypress Hill, one of the pioneers of cannabis-inspired rap who helped bring it to the mainstream.

cypress hill 420 vancouver 2019
Photo courtesy of Cypress Hill’s Instagram.

That Cypress Hill performed at all was a surprise for some as there was fierce opposition from the Vancouver Park Board, who seemed to forget that the cannabis movement was built on civil disobedience and pushing the envelope. Besides, the show must go on, and Cypress Hill brought the people out with an estimated 60,000 showing up to catch their career-spanning set that included classics like “Hits from the Bong” and “(Rap) Superstar”.

You couldn’t have asked for a better day, either. The weather was perfect and so were the vibes. The biggest day in cannabis culture attracted a crowd of over 100,000 throughout the day to come together in celebration of cannabis and all that it inspires- everything from community, friendship, creativity, and better living.

The Vancouver-based Snotty Nose Rez Kids rocked a great opening set and it was easy to see why this Juno-nominated hiphop duo is one of the most exciting artists in First Nations and Canadian music right now.

The montage features a who’s who of cannabis activists and entrepreneurs, who often had to be both as they fought cannabis prohibition to get us to this point.

People like Don Briere and Carol Gwilt, the brains behind WEEDS Glass and Gifts, one of Canada’s biggest and most recognizable cannabis brands.

Then there are cannabis mainstays like Jodie Emery and 420 Vancouver organizer Dana Larsen who’s shown donating almost $13,000 to 3 different, deserving charities on giant novelty checks. This year, the money went to CKNW Kids’ Fund, Overdose Prevention Society, and Variety Children’s Charity– each organization received $4200.

For all that and so much more, check out the montage! We can’t wait to see you next year at 420 2020!

Don Briere from WEEDS Glass and Gifts and Vancouver activist Watermelon talk to 420 Vancouver co-host Piper Courtenay. Photo courtesy of JadeMaple photographer Craig Barker

420 Vancouver 2020

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