dana larsen

Dana Larsen Gives Away a Million Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis activist and author Dana Larsen plans to give away a million cannabis seeds to Canadians to encourage the government to move on legalization.

Larsen has set up overgrowcanada.com to request seeds be sent across the country, hoping that Canadians will grow “victory gardens” openly, on their lawns this spring and summer.

“As Canada moves towards legalization, it’s good to remember how we got here,” Larsen wrote. “It is civil disobedience against the unjust pot prohibition laws that has gotten us to the verge of legalization. We must keep up that momentum as we enter into the final stretch of our cannabis campaign.”

Earlier this year, Larsen mailed a gram of cannabis along with a copy of his book, Cannabis in Canada: The Illustrated History, to all Liberal MPs.

Larsen is also looking for seed donations through his site, for more information visit overgrowcanada.com.