The Forced Intoxication Fetish

Some of the worst experiences I’ve had with drugs or alcohol have been when it’s hit me in a way I did not expect. I think it’s safe to say that most people like to feel in control when it comes to intoxication. However, given the right circumstances, there are a few of us who feel a little differently. In fact, some people get off on it…Welcome to the world of intoxication fetish.

What it is?

The mind does not have to stretch far to imagine what an intoxication fetish entails, however, there is more to it than meets the eye. Essentially, a dominant serve a drug or substance to a submissive that is unable to refuse. How much they have and the pace is decided by the dom alone.

Like all relationships, limits, and boundaries need to be worked out ahead of time. Sex is not necessarily a factor but it can be, depending on the people. It’s all about letting someone else take control of your physical body, on the inside and out.

Consensual Non-Consent:

Like most fetishes, it’s about control but the factor that makes this such a turn on is consent. By law, if you are impaired, you are not able to say yes to a lot of things legally. Having sex with someone who is impaired is, by definition, not consensual. If you sign a marriage license under influence, it’s not considered to be valid. Driving is out of the question and escaping a situation can become really difficult if you are too messed up to walk in the first place. Giving another person the power to take you to the level they want is precisely what makes this fetish erotic, however.

420 Forced Intox:

If you want to get into intoxication fetish, doing so with cannabis is a great idea.

  • Non-fatal – because of the lack of receptors in your brain stem, it’s impossible to shut down your heart or lungs using cannabis.
  • Added relaxation – depending on the strain choice, a submissive can let go of any jitters and allow themselves to really get into it.
  • Effect control – Because of the variety with Sativa and indica, a Dominant has some options when it comes to controlling the desired effect. 
  • CBD – If the submissive is a bit of a lightweight when it comes to cannabis or is getting a little too intoxicated, a dominant can switch to a CBD strain. If the genetic information is accessible, they can also choose the ratio of THC and CBD, further tailoring the experience.

Rules – How to play safe:

It is my firm belief that nothing going on in the bedroom is shameful, as long as it is safe and consensual. If boundaries are not establishing and respected, it can mean the difference between a great kinky fun time and rape. If you want to play safe, follow these rules:

  • Understand your roles – Although it may not appear this way when it comes to the relationship between dominant and submissive, the sub is in control. A Dom is only able to push as far as they have been allowed in advance. 
  • Establish hard and soft limits – It’s extremely important to take the time to think this out. A hard limit classifies an act or item as forbidden for you. With a soft limit, you might be open to it but only under the perfect circumstances. 
  • Consider writing all of your limits down – It’s fun to do and it avoids a lot of problems down the road. Plus, that’s what the professionals do!
  • Establish safe words – This is absolutely mandatory before anything takes place. I strongly recommend using red, yellow and green. If you want to tell your dom to slow down but not stop, say yellow; use red to stop immediately. The safe word green is only meant to be used if the dom needs to do a safety check-in.

When it comes to having a fun and fulfilling sex life, I feel like it’s so important to mix it up and try new things. Some fetishes are a little more different than others but as long as everyone involves is happy, healthy and safe, it’s all good. It might just be time to play who takes the biggest toke on a much higher level.