I believe that when approaching a sexual act, as long as it is safe and consensual, it’s not for me to judge. Who knows? It might be fun. If you are wanting to live your best life in the bedroom, it’s all about mixing it up. When it comes to a stoner getting freaky, it’s all about a fetish that works with your habit; sploshing is an awesome option. Whether this is new information, or your regular Tuesdays and Thursdays, sploshing deserves some deeper exploration.

What the hell is sploshing?

Sploshing is the erotic art of smearing food (usually messy) on naked skin. The foods can vary in tastes, textures, and temperature and eating it off of the person is common but not necessary. Sound weird? It isn’t. Have you ever gotten into whipped cream or chocolate sauce? How about an ice cube? That is sploshing. Another example would be cake sitting. Did you know that Christina Aguilera is into it? Well, at the very least she posed for a cake sitting photoshoot for OUT Magazine. 

Why sploshing for stoners?

The simple answer is the munchies. We all get em. If you love to use cannabis, you know that at some point in time, the munchies will hit and the burnout will too…this is where sploshing comes in. You can kill your hunger by eating something that wakes you up. For some people, eating a Sativa or CBD edible helps with the burnout but if you do not want to take more cannabis, splosh with foods that energize; like chocolate-covered coffee beans. 

Medical Sploshing

Using cannabis edibles to explore this fetish works out well, especially if food or intimacy is a challenge for you. Many people use cannabis to treat conditions that cause painful sex or the scars that remain from sexual trauma; making sex possible. There are also a variety of conditions that make eating a really big challenge such as Crohn’s Disease or Anorexia. Quality of life really matters. When you have to take cannabis edibles to treat a medical condition, variety is the key to success. No matter how good that cookie tastes, if you have to eat it every day for years, you begin to dread getting it down. If you need to mix it up but don’t have other options available, try eating that cookie off of your partner! Sploshing is a fun way to take your edibles because the naked body gives you something else to focus on.

Food Ideas

So you want to try it but don’t know where to begin? No problem! Here are some ideas to get you started and give you food for thought. Popular foods to splosh with include:

  • Chocolate sauce or melted cannabis chocolate bars
  • Infused honey
  • Whipped cream (you can use coconut whipped cream to avoid dairy)
  • Baked beans and mashed potatoes made with cannabutter
  • Infused cupcakes and cakes… sit on them!

Tips for Success 

  • Get plastic painters sheets from the dollar store and put one down over the top of your bed, cover your floor with the rest. Even if it feels unnecessary, being prepared will encourage you to let loose. As children, we loved getting messy and learned that as long as you have protected the environment, it’s ok. This lesson is deeply ingrained. Honor that and you will have a better time. 
  • Be conscious of how the temperature and spicing of food will affect the skin of the genitals. Always test for heat with your wrist. Avoid spices at all costs.
  • Have a conversation first and find out if your partner has any allergies or dietary issues. While it is important to know their likes and dislikes, it is more important to stay safe and avoid any problems. Nobody wants to find out about a lactose intolerance while eating food off private parts. 
  • If you are going to medicate the food before you splash your partner, use a low dose. It is easy to lose yourself in what you are doing and eat more than you might expect.