According to Sigmund Freud, the only unusual sexual desire was to have none whatsoever. Everything else is just a matter of personal preference. If everyone emulated that mentality, our sex lives would all be happy ever after. However, for one reason or another, we get shy about our kinks and this is a shame. Being honest about our kinks is definitely a state of vulnerability but doing so can forge deep connections. If there is one thing to learn from a global pandemic, it’s that life is extremely fragile and we need to make the most of it. With that in mind, here is a fetish quiz for couples. Tonight, it’s time to break the ice surrounding kink.

fetish zone

Disclaimer – Before you read any further, you should understand that things are going to get a little bit spicy. So let’s remember, we are all adults. Even so, terms will be defined. Giggling is to be expected.

Before you begin – bring up, bringing it up.

If you want to bring up kink, be tactful with your timing. Remember, the goal is to create an open dialogue. To achieve that, approach gently. It’s great if you feel ready to open up but that doesn’t mean that your partner feels the same way. So, bring up, bringing it up! Think of it as a kinky pre-chat for the sake of mindfulness because after all, consent begins here. Ask your partner how they would feel about getting together to smoke some weed and fill out a kinky quiz

Safe and Consensual – Establish the Golden Rule before sex

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable because if this conversation works out right, things are going to get a little bit weird. Repeat this phrase out loud, “let’s be adults about this”. Now, it’s time to establish the golden rule, every sexual act or deed that is suggested and/or performed must be safe and consensual. 

safe and consensual

This means:

Safe – protected from harm, danger, and risk, both physically and emotionally.

Consensual – involving or being carried out with all parties in mutual agreement.

Research your fetish

Every fetish on this list can be performed in a safe and consensual manner. If there is a fetish that interests you and you are unsure how to do it safely, research it. There is a lot of great information out there so don’t hurt yourself trying to reinvent the wheel. 

Doing it… Bring out your kinks quiz!

Kink quiz

The purpose of this quiz is to ask the weird awkward questions and ultimately, start a conversation. To complete the quiz, both you and your partner each need to fill out this fetish list and compare answers afterward. 

Definitely do itNot into itCurious…
Anal digits (using fingers)

Anal sex



Capnolagnia (smoking fetish)


Consensual non-consent roleplay

Deep throat

Dirty talk

Domination and submission

Filming ourselves


Foot play

Forced intoxication

Group sex and orgies

Kama Sutra/multiple positions

Mutual masturbation

Name-calling and humiliation

Pegging/prostate play

Rimming (getting)

Rimming (giving)

Roleplaying different scenarios


Sensual Massage



Sploshing/eating food off of each other

Things that pinch/clamp



Toys that penetrate

Toys that vibrate

Using technology: skype/facetime phone sex


Watching porn together

Wearing costumes


After you both finish the quizzes, it’s time to go through each other’s answers. To do that, follow these rules:

Sex aftermath
  • Go over each set of answers as a couple.
  • For each question where you answered: curious, explain why. On a 1-10 scale, with 10 being very curious, just how much does this interest you?
  • Create an open environment, free from judgment. How? Remember the golden rule. If your partner says something ridiculous, as long as it’s safe and consensual, don’t get weird. 

Exxxtra questions…

Want to take this fetish a little bit further? Ask your partner these questions:

  • If you were going to eat food off of my body, what would it be and where would you put it?
  • Would you rather be tied up or tie me up?
  • Have you ever tried anal?
  • When you masturbate, do you use your fingers, hands or do you play with toys?
  • Have you ever filmed yourself having sex or masturbating? Did you watch it after or delete it right away? Did you prefer to make it or watch?
  • Have you ever had a threesome? What celebrities would you have a threesome with and why?

This article was honestly written with the intention to help others get it on. Here’s hoping that somebody will read this and find the courage to bring up their furry fetish. Maybe, just maybe, their partner will be into it, taking their love to a whole new level… in the fur pile. For all you freaks hiding out in the closet, this article is for you. Come out, come out and let your freak flag fly!