Fourteen Shades of 420 Quarantine – sexual exploration during a lockdown

This article is about love during a time of fear and before you read any further, prepare yourself – this is going to get intimate. We are smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic and it totally sucks. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, social distancing is the order of the day, and again, that can suck. But, in times like these, we have to do whatever is necessary to slow this virus down. That means self isolation and it doesn’t leave a lot of time for love…or does it? The COVID-19 self-quarantine period lasts for fourteen days and there are many ways that time could be spent. You? You’re going to spend it getting it on…as a lone wolf, or with a partner, we all need some good, good loving. So get ready, it’s time for Fourteen Shades of 420 Quarantine.

Heads up…

All of these sexual activities are meant to inspire fun and give you ideas to get you fooling around. None of them need to be followed in order and if one doesn’t work for you and/or your partner, repeat a day that does. Heads up though, it’s about to get a little racy

Day 1 – Fetlife 

Create a Fetlife profile to explore the world of sex and fetish. If you’re single, it’s amazing to see what is out there and exploring all the different kinks is educating, entertaining, and sometimes normalizing. For couples, not only will you both have fun looking around online, it will bring up all sorts of interesting and sexy topics of discussion.

Hot tip: Look up capnolagnia, also known as the smoking fetish because smoking weed is a turn on. 

Day 2 – Touch

Single: Take the time to be sensual with yourself and touch your body everywhere. Go to your bedroom and get yourself off, but do it slowly. Caress your chest, stomach and thighs…now carry on.

Couple: Give your partner a relaxing, full body massage. Set the scene with soft lighting and a warm room; massage their back, arms, legs, and then, have them flip over and take their experience to a whole new level. Later tonight, it’s your turn.

Hot tip – use a cannabis infused massage oil and/or lube!

Day 3 – Mirrors

Single: Smoke a joint in the bathroom and admire yourself down there. Get baked, set aside five to ten minutes, and get naked with a hand mirror. Rarely do we take the time to really get to know the most intimate parts of our bodies, but for the sake of a healthy body image and real self-love, get your mirror out.

Couple: Set up mirrors in the bedroom. Don’t have any that you can move? Use hand mirrors and position them yourself during sex.

Day 4 – Blindfolds

Single: Use a blind fold and get yourself off. Shutting off one of your senses will help you focus on the other ones, like touch.

Couple: Blindfold your partner and slowly play with their body; leave them guessing where your fingers will end up next.

Day 5 – Suppositories

Cannabis suppositories are awesome, and easy to use and make if you can’t access them. There are a number of recipes online that are surprisingly simple, plus, those little butt bullets can really pack a punch. Tonight, get baked by way of door number two.

Day 6 – Food

Single: Prep a snack and set it aside; eat an edible, set the scene and get yourself off. Now that you’ve satisfied yourself, hopefully that edible is starting to kick in. Guess what? You have munchies waiting for you!

Couple: Today is the day for sploshing! Regardless of what you have in your fridge, the chances are that with a little creativity, you can find something to eat off of your partner. One option, eat cannabis edibles off of each other’s body. No edibles? Look up a recipe and consider making them. 

Day 7 – Anal 

…Anal sex? Whether you are alone or playing with your partner, if you have never tried butt stuff, you are missing out. 

Best words ever said on the subject: There are two kinds of people when it comes to anal sex, people who love it and people who are doing it wrong

Day 8 – Porn 

Find a freaky new kind of porn, get stoned, and get off to it; if you need ideas, search through fetlife for something that is completely unfamiliar. If it gets too weird, you can always go back to watching your favorites. The beauty of cannabis is that it has an uncanny way of resetting the mood, especially when shit gets a bit too bizarre. 

Day 9 – Literotica

In case you didn’t know, reading is oh so sexy – especially with all the free literotica available online. If you’re single, enjoy reading some literotica today, and for those wanting to kick up the heat, try writing some of your own. For couples, privately pick your favorite short story, and then read it out loud to your partner; have them do the same thing.  

Day 10 – Bondage on the brain

Whether it’s a little too intense or the needed materials are not available on hand, for many people, BDSM on the fly is just not a possibility. With that being said, learning is sexy, especially when it comes to bondage. Alone or with your partner, take a peek into the world of BDSM with a little online research; you can dip a toe instead of diving right in. Remember, true BDSM requires trust, communication, and a strong understanding of the boundaries of everyone involved; when you have that, bondage can get pretty hot.

Day 11 – New positions

Single: When it comes to masturbation, rarely do we mix it up. Instead, we find out what we like, then rinse and repeat. Tonight is different. Throw on some porn, get into a new position and give yourself some one on one time. Seriously, get on all fours and play with yourself in a totally different way.

Couple: There are so many great, lazy stoner sex positions, and all have their pros and cons. Tonight, you are going to explore them and find a new favorite. Need ideas? Click here.

Day 12 – ASMR Erotica

Today is all about the eargasms and whether you are alone or listening with a sexy playpal, ASMR erotica is today’s focus. Seek out new recordings and find something hot! Get cozy, fire up a doobie, and let the sexy sound of the spoken word excite more than just your ears.

Day 13 – Playing in the bath or shower

Single: If you have a tub, draw a bath, and set up some porn; it’s underwater playtime! Roommates? Play music. No laptop or screen? Use the web browser on your phone in incognito mode. No bathtub? Watch porn first and then go have a sensual, personal steam session.    

Couple: Get dirty together while getting clean at the same time; jump in the shower together for some hot and steamy fun. Oil based lubes are made for shower, or underwater, bathtub sex because they wont dissolve and wash away. 

Bonus – For those who are able to toke in their bathroom, this is the perfect time and place for a hot box…before or after the fun begins.

Day 14 – Snuggles 

The last day of quarantine is all about love and snuggles. Get into your comfy clothes, grab all of your softest blankets and pillows, and make yourself a cozy nest. Treat yourself and your partner the way you deserve, and cocoon with any of your favorite things. Need some ideas? Have snacks on hand, sex toys, and bong tokes! Its been an amazing two weeks, but now its time to cuddle up and get cozy.