High Hemp Herbal Wraps

Product Feature: High Hemp Herbal Wraps

With this pandemic having us feeling a bit low, High Hemp Herbal Wraps are here helping you feel serene, and in tune with nature. If you are looking to expand your horizons with flavoured hemp wraps, we highly recommend these!

High Hemp Herbal Wraps are the first-ever all organic herbal wraps. This means they do not contain any traces of nicotine, tobacco, or toxic additives (yes, they are 100% organic and GMO-free!)


Benefits of High Hemp Herbal Wraps

Without nicotine, it makes for a less addictive habit and more comfortable to control. It’s never good when your craving leads to impulsive behaviour. These wraps allow for a more positive experience with cannabis, leaving a tasty note to your smoke. If you are vegan, these are a fantastic choice for you! The company is mindful and transparent about not including any animal by-products and toxins.

Flavours of High Hemp Herbal Wraps

High hemp wraps are also exempt from tobacco products flavouring bans. 

Their delicious flavours include Bananagoo, Grapeape, Hydro lemonade, Pineapple Paradise, and many more tasty warps to choose from in their collection.

Whether it’s a hot summer or a cold winter day, there is a wrap flavour for you!

Price of the High Hemp Wraps

High hemp herbal wraps cost only 10.99$ USD (50 wraps and 50 tips)

Make it a cost per joint of only 22 cents, 50cent would be proud.

How is High Hemp Changing the cannabis industry?

Paola Fernandez Founder/CEO of High Hemp, being genuinely passionate about growing and creating the perspective she wants to see on cannabis.

Paola Fernandez, is the founder & CEO of High Hemp, an ancillary cannabis company. She is a deeply ambitious person who has created her own unique line of ultra-high quality, specialized cannabis wrappers. What her dreams have actualized is the precise, attention to detail manufacturing of flavored and unflavored, tobacco-free wrappers. Cannabis wrappers are commonly used for rolling up cannabis blunts. Blunts typically are made with loose cannabis stuffed into a tobacco leaf.

The use of tobacco is problematic because the nicotine that tobacco contains is highly carcinogenic. This chemical, nicotine found in the tobacco leaf negates any healing benefits of the cannabis. There are much healthier alternatives to smoking harsh tobacco leaf wrappers such as hemp, a natural alternative to carcinogenic wrappers. Tobacco and cannabis, are really not so perfect together, even though they have a long and tempestuous history. Offering an alternative to the typical tobacco wrap, Paola has set her mind to work and she created her line that is described, quite clearly as the anti-tobacco wrap.


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