Jade Maple and Expert Joints Enter in to Production Deal

Jade Maple, producers of Cannabis Life Network, is proud to announce that it will be entering in to a production deal with Expert Joints. Expert Joints is a popular cannabis entertainment brand currently produced by its founder Craig Ex.

The production deal will see Jade Maple producing new content for publication on the Expert Joints YouTube channel, website, and social media; as well as the weekly ‘Expert Joints LIVE!’ webcast. Jade Maple will further extend the reach of Expert Joints by cross-posting Expert Joints content to its in-house publication, Cannabis Life Network.

“Craig is a talented on-camera host,” says Chris Horlacher, President of Jade Maple. “He’s knowledgeable, engaging, and with our studio resources will set the standard of cannabis media.”

Jade Maple recently acquired production space in Victoria in addition to its flagship Vancouver studio. The new studio is strategically located to provide coverage of the robust Victoria cannabis industry, interview key business figures, subject matter experts, and British Columbia policy makers.

“Partnering with Jade Maple and Cannabis Life Network to produce more high quality content for Expert Joints is tremendously exciting”, say Craig Ex. “As the Expert Joints brand grows, the importance of a well put together team is imperative; this collaboration is a significant step in the company’s evolution.”

Craig will also be joining Cannabis Life Network as their host, providing news and event coverage as well as interviews with key people in the cannabis industry.

About Jade Maple

Jade Maple is a creative and consulting agency specializing in the cannabis industry. It provides design, packaging, multimedia production, marketing, and professional advice to both start-ups and established companies.

About Expert Joints

Expert Joints is a multi-platform media outlet for the cannabis enthusiast seeking information and entertainment. Expert Joints offers well put together advice and information, as well as a voice to a variety of individuals and professionals from across the cannabis community. Visit ExpertJoints.com, follow @ExpertJoints, and watch Expert Joints LIVE! Thursdays at 4:20pm (PT) on Cannabis Culture’s Pot TV Network.