Cops in charge of legalization.

Is this what you voted for?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has appointed Bill Blair, formerly of the Toronto Police, to head the legalization front. The same Bill Blair that led the Toronto Police during the G20, overseeing the use of excessive force, arbitrary arrests and detentions, and a violation of basic civil rights.

And that’s not opinion — every independent review of the G20 policing hasn’t exactly been favourable to Blair’s leadership.

Yet, this is the guy Toronto Mayor John Tory is calling the “ideal person” to oversee the legalization scheme.

“It’s a very complicated matter,” claimed Tory. “Exactly how do you change the law? How do you distribute marijuana? You know making sure that safety is kept at the forefront.”

But it isn’t a complicated matter, all the feds need to do is remove cannabis from the criminal code. Distributing cannabis is already occurring in dispensaries and on the street, so to make sure safety is kept at the forefront would be to allow free and fair markets to work without intervention.

Cannabis doesn’t need to be regulated by the barrel of a gun.

Everything we take for granted in modern society is a result of free markets, that is, voluntary exchange and respect for private property. The computer you’re reading this on wasn’t the result of government planning, and despite the military origins of the internet, it took entrepreneurs to discover the potential of this medium.

Yet many Canadians are still duped into believing only a monopoly of force can achieve humanitarian ends. That state coercion beats free and fair markets because of “the children” or public health and safety concerns.

As if the state could achieve those goals with any efficiency.

Case in point: the man who’s job it was to, among other things, enforce the drug war is now the point man for what legalization will look like in Canada.

He told the Sun: “If our intention is to manage the risks, keep it out of the hands of our kids, and get organized crime out of it … then we need to regulate it,” adding “Clearly, criminal sanction is not keeping it out of the hands of kids.”

It’s the same mantra being repeated from every public official in the Trudeau government.

Why exactly are Ontario voices deciding what the cannabis market will look like?

Cannabis is, largely, a British Columbia-based industry, and, just as each province has its own alcohol model, British Columbia should be able to tell Ottawa to screw off.

This happened last time a Trudeau was in power. Only it wasn’t cannabis, it was the nationalization of oil. And it wasn’t British Columbia but Alberta.

So when Trudeau said, “Canada is back,” he must have meant the pompous attitude of leftist pseudo-intellectuals in Ottawa, who believe the solution to every problem is more taxation and increased control for the federal government.

The drug war is big money for law enforcement and they’re not likely to give up on this cash-cow so easily.

By appointing a former cop to lead legalization, Trudeau is telling the BC Bud industry that they are still considered organized crime, that the licensed producers — with their former-cop security guards, restricted distribution model, Health Canada-approval and security apparatuses that will ensure no child ever steps foot into a facility — will remain the only legal suppliers.

Do you really think the former Toronto police chief will allow people to grow and sell their produce in free and fair farmers’ markets?

Do you really believe that this former Toronto cop, this single person, should have absolute authority on what happens to the millions of farmers, dispensary owners, extraction crews and many others in the BC Bud community?

Let the Eastern bastards smoke LP weed, but keep your hands off our BC Bud.

  • Bob Carter

    couldn’t do anything about The T.O. Compassion Clubs when he was Chief,
    so screw him as a politician, the article says they want to under Cut
    the black market, only way to do that is to remove Cannabis from
    criminal code, and allow all adults a personal plant count, if the pigs
    can’t understand this prohibition and the blackmarket continues!!!! they
    are idiots expect the latter !!!!

  • Bob Carter

    This sets me F&N off!!! here is a cop that’s ordered 10’s of 1000’s of Cannabis charges to F&N jail, and NOW he is the Drug Dealer that is forcing me to buy his weed and his weed only, through extortion!!! FuK all of you, I will grow in the Home I paid for. What is BB gone to do now lock up all the sick and dying!!!

  • Matthew Cote

    Obviously the reason they chose a law enforcement professional because the legalization of cannabis is going to be an enforcement issue. The Liberals campaigned on a platform of legalizing, regulating and taxing cannabis in Canada, they are going to use Health Canada’s LP’s to be the source, and they are going to co-opt and/or squeeze out the MMAR growers and dispensaries from public distribution. This is about building a system that legitimately replaces the black market, turns the current cannabis culture into tax dodging competitors to be policed. The courts, the prosecutors, the police and the prison guards will continue to stay busy while a new industry comes about. Get ready guys, Justin just put Bill in charge of Legalizing Cannabis while dismantling BC Bud Inc.

  • Réal Guy

    Finally a voice that fills some long and painful silence! I wish to thank the author for this.

    To me it’s clear we’ll witness yet another bigot attempt to “fix” prohibition which was associated to organized criminals – that’s going to be us, should we reject their perfect solution to “protect” our children from a “dangerous” plant! The man in charge is in favour of “carding”, meaning he’s going to think of biometrics, i guess. While in Québec we already got electric logging meters installed in such significant amount i figure the “force” which MiniPET intends to create could quite easily feed on such readily-available data to pin-point indoor cultivators no sweat, especially those with Kilowatt systems synchronized like a metronome set to transmit into space! Now lets not forget the antenna is damn close, e.g. where the meter is found, euh… Sorry. M’well, i hate the idea but if i were them do just that while i’d also plan to cause the loss/destruction of genetic pools representing less instant-ca$h value and finally impose my own standards to all cannucks. Forget aroma/taste appreciation in a self-sufficient cultivation environment! There might be a school nearby!… On top of that there’s Civil Asset Forfeiture on which police can/will depend more and more for their own operational budgets, etc., etc. 4-wheels, drones… I’m starting to get the picture, hoping it’s only a mirage.

    Really, the last chance for a change of direction could reside in the UNGASS 2016 event scheduled for next April. If we don’t get more voices heard like that one right above by then my guess is we all better get ready for it or quit.

    As far as i’m concerned even a politician intervention that stops/slows/diverts/twists development of alternative cannabic consumption methods actually represents more harm for no good purpose. In the name of children exactly. Why not do as with seringes and solve the old smoking riddle?… With healthy-proven vapos…

    Perhaps the prohibitionnists set in position by Harper will be satisfied when blood is spilled in equal ratio on both sides of the Canada/USA border, hopefully before a baby receives some incapacitating grenade in his bed during a police bust, etc. Because there were no children toys visible outside the house late at night, euh…

    Anyway, one thing is for sure: we still don’t hear any appology even as a faint whisper coming from anywhere in Ottawa’s parliament. I won’t hold my breath.