LP Mettrum is Growing in More Ways than One

Mettrum has increased their registered patients by 20 per cent and revenues are up 47 per cent in the first quarter fiscal 2016. One of Canada’s first licensed producers, Mettrum is based out of Ontario and has two indoor facilities. Health Canada just recently gave them the approval to increase production capacity by nearly 300 per cent at their Creemore facility.

“As a pioneering licensed producer in Canada with decades of combined expertise in the agri-pharma, pharmaceutical, distribution and technology industries, Mettrum is well positioned to be at the forefront in the minds of healthcare practitioners and patients who choose medical cannabis to help treat a wide range of medical conditions,” said Michael Haines, CEO of Mettrum Health Corp. “Mettrum’s current and future activities will always be rooted in our commitment to ongoing research, quality production, superior service and support for Canadian healthcare practitioners and their patients.”

In addition to the business and production growth, Mettrum is developing tools designed for the 1,500-plus physicians who have prescribed medical cannabis to Mettrum clients. The Mettrum Spectrum is designed to simplify the dialogue around medical cannabis by categorizing Mettrum strains according to THC potency, as well as CBD levels.

Mettrum’s Medical Cannabis EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is a secure and comprehensive web-based portal built for physicians. The EMR allows physicians to easily register, review and renew their patients’ prescriptions.

“The Mettrum Spectrum is an excellent tool to select the strain of medical cannabis that best fits my patients’ profiles as it’s a simple colour coding system for cannabis, instead of street names I am not comfortable using,” said Dr. Andrew B. Cooper MD MHSC FRCPC, Clinical Director, Caledon Medical Cannabinoid Clinic and Adjunct Professor, University of Toronto Department of Anesthesia.

“For new patients, the Mettrum Spectrum helps me communicate about medical cannabis and follow the College of Family Physicians Canada’s guidelines for prescribing. For patients on an established Cannabinoid therapy, the Mettrum Spectrum helps me titrate the dosage in a straightforward, stepwise manner.”

Mettrum is also actively involved in the creation of the first registry for medical cannabis patients in the Province of Quebec. This project by the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) and the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids (CCIC) represents the world’s first research database on the use of cannabis for medical purposes and will allow healthcare practitioners to better monitor patients.