OrganiGram ramps up production

OrganiGram is ramping up production to capitalize on the new market opportunities as an existing licensed producer of medical marijuana. The company’s current production capacity is approximately 4,200 kilograms per year, while financing is already in place to expand to 26,000 kilograms per year by the end of 2017. The active expansion includes a 15,000 square foot extract processing facility that could prove instrumental as the recreational market evolves and consumer preferences shift from dried cannabis to edibles, tinctures, and other cannabis consumables. With a focus on capital efficiency and certified organic product, the company is well positioned to become a leader in the space as the recreational market unfolds.

OrganiGram plans to drive demand for its cannabis and related products through a series of branding initiatives targeting the recreational market. In the executive interview, CEO Denis Arsenault discusses these initiatives, the ongoing expansion, and what sets the company apart in the burgeoning legal cannabis industry.

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