Smoking Cannabis as a working-class Professional

Smoking Cannabis as a working-class Professional

Is it possible to be a voracious toker and a professional? Are you “less” of a professional if you smoke cannabis? Stoners always get a bad reputation as being “lazy” or just plain stupid. In media, we are portrayed as lackadaisical and flighty, dumb as a block of wood. However, anyone who smokes cannabis regularly knows that it’s simply not an accurate stereotype and one we are trying to dispel here at Cannabis Life Network.

It doesn’t matter if you are blue-collar, white-collar or no-collar; smoking CBD does not alter your mental state in such a way that it causes impairment from doing your job to the best of your ability. Before legalization, this was one fact medical cannabis users tried to hammer home. Of course, I cannot say that THC would not impair a person from doing a proper job in every situation; it simply wouldn’t be scientifically factual. But I will say that most smokers know their limits and the level of medication they need to function.

Smoking cannabis does not impact most people’s ability to be working-class professionals. But with a few tips and tricks, here’s how you, too, can maintain a deep level of professionalism while still maintaining the lifestyle you choose.

Smoking Cannabis
Sometimes that joint is the best way to get through the day

Minimize or eliminate odour

It’s first on the list because it is one of the biggest giveaways. While we may love that sweet skunky smell, no one likes the smell of stale smoke. The trick is finding the balance between de-skunked and scented. Most offices now have adopted a scent-free policy, and while we have all outgrown drenching ourselves in Axe body spray or Callagon body mist, it does dampen most people’s options. I tend to smoke before work while wearing a jacket or thick hoodie if it’s cold out, and make sure to change it right away after toking. Summertime means I smoke before getting dressed in my work clothes, even if I have to finish getting everything else ready first. This way, I know my clothing doesn’t stink, and even if it did, when the perfume wore off, I would still smell good.

Wash your hands

No, this isn’t health class, and it should go without saying. But washing your hands with soap and water after toking will minimize the scent from the residue on your hands. It goes with the “watch your scent” category but is often the most overlooked area. Bonus! Hand sanitizer works like a hot damn when it comes to getting rid of most scents. Honestly, if I smoke on a break, I’ll practically bathe in it to reduce smelling like a dispensary.

Do something about that red eye.

Unless you just got off a plane, the red-eye look isn’t in style. Many workplaces don’t have rules, per se, about smoking cannabis unless they are testing for it. Still, you don’t want to present in front of the boss with red glazed eyes. Although again, it is common knowledge that the world has plenty of great products to eliminate red-eye. At this point, I’m pretty sure Visine doesn’t stay in business due to contact lenses.

Make sure you know the rules.

If you are a driver or in a related business operating heavy machinery, there is no way you can be a safe and respectable stoner while working. Some professions don’t jive with smoking at or before work. If your company has any structure regarding cannabis usage and consumption, make sure you are very familiar with it to know what can happen. While some places truly do not care until it messes with production at the office, some take a hard line and say no.

To advocate for cannabis acceptance in mainstream culture, it is our responsibility to maintain professionalism. Cannabis can help make many jobs easier or less taxing. It can increase creativity and productivity for many, but it can also hamper many abilities. You know yourself and your workplace best. Sometimes the most professional thing is to wait till after work and relax with some good tunes and a doobie.

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