Some Quebec Politicians Alarmed by Cannabis Legalization

The Liberal’s promise to legalize cannabis has politicians in Quebec echoing the previous Harper government’s position.

Public Security Minister Lise Theriault said legalization of cannabis is a public safety issue.

“We should be worried, definitely, it’s something that can really upset a lot of people, including me,” Theriault said. Theriault said she’s never used cannabis.

Quebec‘s Liberal Party, led by Philippe Couillard, wants more details on Justin Trudeau’s legalization plan before deciding to accept or reject it.

Trudeau has proposed the legalization and regulation of cannabis, eventually taxing its sale.

Education Minister Francois Blais said despite the federal Liberals needing to detail their plans for legalization, he doesn’t expect the move to negatively impact children in the province.

Parti Quebecois member Jean-Francois Lisee said Quebec is a “little bit behind” on cannabis issues.

“Like cigarettes, we shouldn’t promote it, we should control sales, tax it, control its potency and get revenues from it,” Lisee said. “We should ensure that organized crime doesn’t make money off it anymore.”

Coalition for Quebec’s Future leader Francois Legault said he’s never used cannabis in his life and rejected the idea of ever legalizing it in the province.

Founder of the province’s pro-marijuana party, Bloc Pot, St-Maurice said the move to legalization has been a long time coming.

“The tipping point has been reached,” said St-Maurice. “We’ve now reached those so-called winning conditions.”