The LPs Don’t Have a Clue

After a hard day’s night following the Allard ruling, the licensed producers are back slamming dispensaries.

This time they’re blaming government hampering on legalization. Since the Liberals are back in town, pot connoisseurs have taken to shopping at dispensaries that many entrepreneurs are eager to open up and supply.

Only authoritarians have a problem with this, as driving while high has been going on all these years without incident, and any neighbourhood spill-over effects (i.e., smell) can be dealt with via tort law.

In fact, all cannabis issues can be resolved by an arbitration process derived from proven-to-work Western legal standards and economic calculation in a free market.

There is simply no reason for the central democratic state to get involved. Fallacious claims to “the children” or “organized crime” are not arguments.

There is a market for breaking the law, that will always exist. If cannabis is removed from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, there is no incentive for “organized crime” to be involved, they will shift to new illegal ventures.

Unless, of course, these “lawbreakers” like cannabis and get into business as legitimate taxed-and-regulated Canadians. In that case, there is no “organized crime” problem with legalizing cannabis that needs to be fixed by the federal government.

And, as I’ve written about before, there’s no just argument for “the children,” besides, there’s no guarantee that LP product won’t fall into the hands of children.

The irrelevant licensed producers, who only exist because of Harper’s unconstitutional MMPR, are slamming store-fronts and complaining about the hygiene of their competitor’s supply.

As if a therapeutic and medicinal plant people have been using for centuries needs to be gamma irradiated before proper consumption.

Thanks Health Canada and the LPs, where would society be without the wise stewardship of federal bureaucrats and crony-capitalists?

If LPs are mad that they’re “basically competing against a store that buys their product from whoever is growing it in their basement,” then they should connect with these basement-growers and work out deals, since many LPs own factories but have no idea how to grow.

Good luck with that.

The LPs correctly criticize Health Canada regulations and the Liberals, but why competitors?

A regime where everyone can grow and the LPs aren’t bound by Harper-era rules is the most ideal outcome.

But you’ll get no sympathy from the farmer, dispensary, and extract community (potential allies in this fight against prohibitionist legalization), if you keep calling for corporate welfare and their destruction.