The Toronto Green Market and Cannabis Infused Potluck

Watch this video from The Green Market‘s Trinity Bellwoods Potluck, presented by the Budz Trading Zone.

To celebrate Health Canada‘s release of the new Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations on Aug. 24, The Green Market in Toronto partnered with Alair Vaporizers to host the first Annual Trinity Bellwoods Potluck.

Even though the new regulations allow for cannabis patients to access and grow their own medical cannabis, Canada’s dispensaries remain illegal and cannabis edibles (outside of oils) can’t be legally accesses by patients.

“There is no legal commercial market for edibles, despite the R v. Smith ruling that Canadians have the right to access cannabis in all of its forms,” Green Market Staff wrote. “Due to the Project Claudia raids across Toronto, edibles are being taken off the shelves in many dispensaries. Patients are forced to make their own edibles or trade with other patients.”

The cash-free, trade-based event was promoted as an opportunity to create access for patients and a way to show support for expansion of Health Canada regulations.