rehydrate dry buds

How to Rehydrate Dry Buds

I can think of few worse things than sitting down to roll a joint, only to find the buds have dried out. The inevitable groan as I see good money flying out the window and pain flying back in. The good news is a dry bag isn’t automatically a death sentence for your cannabis.

It is, of course, a tale as old as time. Since there have been smokers, there have been dry buds. But, it doesn’t need to be such a bad thing after all. Rejoice! It is possible to save those sweet, sweet nugs.

Rehydration isn’t as hard as it sounds

During a recent trip to the local bong shop, I noticed terracotta disks for sale. They looked similar to what I have in my brown sugar jar. As the name suggests, they are merely small to large various sized and shaped terracotta disks designed to be soaked for a few hours and placed into an air-tight container with the item you’re attempting to rehydrate.

You can find these disks at most home stores. The specialty ones carried by your local cannabis shop should be priced similarly. As well as helping to rehydrate your flowers, it can also act as a bit of preventive medicine to protect your stash from doing stale in the future.

DIY possibilities for dry buds

If you prefer not going out and buying something, or you need a more immediate solution to the dryness issue, your house already has a ton of stuff ready at your fingertips.

A classic rehydration method is to grab a slice of bread, gently dab some water onto it (don’t go too overboard) and toss the bread into your container. The dry buds will suck the moisture from the bread and hopefully make for a smoother toke keeping your quality bud, well, quality.

An apple a day doesn’t just keep the doctor away, it can also work wonders to help you rehydrate your flowers. Most any fruit will do and may have the benefit of adding a little bit of new flavour to your stash. Oranges, limes, even bananas will help to rehydrate your stash – but be warned, leaving it too long means it can start to rot – faster if you are using bananas.

Fruits for re-hydrating dry buds
Citrus fruits add flavour and help fix dry buds

In a pinch, the quickest way to rehydrate your dry buds is to boil a pot of water, put it on the bottom of your oven with a towel over it and your weed laid out on a cookie tray or on a plate and let the vapours from the pot float through the oven and rehydrate the weed. Check on it often, as you don’t want your weed to get too wet.

What’s the big deal about dry Cannabis?

Why is dry cannabis such a problem? Well, besides being harsher to smoke, dehydrated cannabis is also less effective. It also impacts the weight, meaning you paid more for less in every way possible. On the flip side, if your cannabis gets too wet, it can develop mould and other health hazards.

Cannabis in jars

We’ve given you a few different ways to rehydrate your buds, but the best medicine is preventative medicine. Store your cannabis in an airtight container out of direct sunlight, best case a darker jar is the perfect go too.

Got any hacks for rehydrating your dry buds? Let us know in the comments!