Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in B.C. last week and sat down for an interview with the editorial board of the Province and Vancouver Sun that was livestreamed on Facebook.

While the first half of the 45-minute Q&A was focused on the recent federal approval for an expanded Kinder Morgan pipeline, Trudeau was then asked by city editor Cassidy Olivier about how he plans to explain the promised legalization of cannabis to his own three children.

“I will speak to my kids the same way I speak about it to the general public. That our decision to legalize – to control and regulate the sale of marijuana – is based on two principles: protecting our kids and keeping our communities safer,” said Trudeau, who has admitted to smoking pot in the past, at roughly the 19-minute mark. “Protecting our kids because, right now under the current prohibition, kids have easy access to marijuana. It’s much easier for a young person to buy a joint than it is for them to buy a bottle of beer because there is a black market for marijuana and there is no black market for beer. Does it mean that kids still access alcohol? Yes, it does. Will controlling and regulating prevent any kids from accessing marijuana? No, it won’t.”

Realizing that he misspoke about how new legislation will not prevent anyone under the recommended age of 18 use cannabis, Trudeau quickly corrected himself.

“Will it prevent every kid from accessing, no it won’t, but it will make it more difficult for young people to get their hands on marijuana by controlling it and regulating it along the same lines as we do alcohol. So I will tell my kids that, look, marijuana has been proven to be bad for the developing brain and that is why we want to keep it out of the hands of kids.”

He added he believes that the unlicensed cannabis market is controlled by criminals.

“The second part of why we are legalizing marijuana is because the black market is now controlled by organized crime, street gangs, gun runners and exactly the kind of people you don’t want to be giving billions of profit to every day, uh, every year. So by controlling it, by regulating it, we are going to make our communities safer and we’re going to make our kids safer. That is why we are legalizing marijuana, and that is also why I am not in favour of full or temporary or interim decriminalization of marijuana. Because it does nothing to remove the black market and it does nothing to protect our kids.”

Trudeau was then asked a followup question on behalf of activist and Pot TV regular Rebecca Ambrose about how he justifies arresting people for something that is scheduled to no longer be a crime by 2017.

He declined to answer the question and instead gave a recap of his previous statements.

“Because the current approach to marijuana endangers our kids because they have easy access and gives profits and money to criminal gangs, street gangs, gun runners. The fact is we need to make sure we put a strong legal framework in place so that our kids are protected and so criminals don’t profit from it and until we have that legal framework in place, marijuana remains illegal. The laws in place hold until we change those laws. That is what I’ve said consistently. We are hoping to do it soon but we will do it the right way because protecting our kids, protecting our communities is the reason we are doing this.”

Trudeau said he also met with Dr. Perry Kendall, B.C’s provincial health officer and one of the members of the nine-member task force that recently released its recommendations for how to move forward with the legalization of cannabis, but the two reportedly only discussed the current opioid crisis. More than 750 people have died in the province this year of illicit drug overdoses, many of them linked to fentanyl.

Watch the full interview here:

  • Robert Wright

    Why aren’t we protecting the children and their developing minds and bodies from cigarettes ,alcohol and prescription drugs .
    They seem to be able to get these dangerous drugs no problem . The kids are going to get it somewhere we used to get booze no problem when I was under age it was way easier to get than cannabis.

  • bob

    OMG so much to say on this one

    hahaha will probably get carried away…hope do not insult to many people..but this whole farce has gone on soon long..needs to end…

    first on the pipeline…..this does not benefit anyone to increase oil output..take that money and build solar or???? exporting oil is about foreign currency aquisition and most of it goes to foreign countries or foreign corporations..

    we need a dynamic shift from the polluting ways of today..

    as a farmer in BC i can tell you i believe we are already in the final strokes of a environmental collapse as this was the worst year for weather i have seen in 50 years and it is only going to get worse..with China producing the tune of 100 time s the particulate pollution of the rest of us….and india right in there too…

    so any talk of anything but a major shift in policy is fucking ignorant ..but of course the rich do not care as they feel they will survive because they are so smart..hahahahah

    did the discuss how many of those opioid deaths could have been prevented by sustituting MJ ???/ bet not..ultimately they really do not care about a bunch of lowlife drug addicts is just their lying mouths moving..

    lots of confusion on his save the children platform..but of course as it is untenable but necessary for him to hold that position..

    Politically you got to give justin some credit..with international agreements in place the only platform he may be able to use to placate them is the” save our children” ………..any other position will garner opposition..

    I Quote””I will speak to my kids the same way i speak about it to the general public””hahahaha you can see what he says there????

    as long as these sycophants relate to the public as their children..incapable of taking care of themselves and needing guidance from our ”’superiors ”’ … there will be no hope for the people of this country to get what is our inelliable right…the right to do to ourselves as we please……

    who does this asshole think he is .. this was his idea??? not………he is only doing what we force him to do….so he can be the one to control our purse….

    Organized Crime??///3 or more people hahahaha not so organized but here in BC we are moving forward with our own plan….getting organized

    The largest organized crime group in our Country is our Government/////who lies and cheats and steals more???

    As for him having tried MJ in the past well….if the past was this holiday then i guess thats true..

    where does he get his???from his friend chuck???or from the black market??or does he have a permit and grow some in his basement???

    Why does someone like this get to admit this and there is no consequence???/because its cute??makes him look human???hahahahah double standard or what???

    will the Americans allow him into the US nobody else who admits smoking weed can cross the border why should the people who create and enforce our laws be allowed to not adhere to them????they should be held to higher standard and punished more severely than their stupid children after all we teach our children through example …the 60’s and 70’s should have shown you not to lie to your children..

    why should we listen to or respect this type of performance???

    for interest sake i will quote the Auditor General of BC when he told me that they will make the decisions for the general public as they are to stupid to do so for themselves..i told him i agreed with him as they voted assholes like him to office…now i cannot call them anymore hahaha

    this attitude is rampant in our government//////somehow ”public servant” morphed into something completley different

    Really in all honesty there is no solution or compromise with these eastern assholes..he may have a mom from BC but she was just a spoiled rich bitch from west van….

    IF we go around this circle again with the baby trudeau i hope the reaction in BC will move us toward separation from those fools….hahaha who are the fools??? us i guess



  • Netwie

    Does anybody,including prohibitionists,still believe the one about “keeping it from the kids”? I’d say kids are a pawn in this equation,but the reality is that the kids will have even easier access to weed if the legal age is 18. 18 yr olds go to high school…the kids cannot complain about this development.How does this legal access fit with “keeping it from the kids” motto of the Libs? The fear of sharing control is cringey…open it up,and fix things that break will be a better policy than the over regulated/expensive mess we will see in March. People are smoking tons of cannabis today. Do the research.Get back to us with legit data,and please stop the over controlling policies that treat people like morons after we are given medical status with mj. Although….it will help the Libs lose the election in 2019,when Canada elects a leader,and not a “anyone but Harper” rainbow alliance who want to flush Canada down a 3rd world toilet….erm,outhouse. It is like a “play govt”….truly embarrassing.