Bong brandishing Budtender battles 3 bear-spraying robbers

In the short video, posted by Big Daddy Dishrags on YouTube, you can watch a brave budtender fight off 3 robbers with nothing but a bong!

The first half of the video is innocent enough. One of the employees is behind the counter as her coworker walks in with a dog so tiny you could probably fit two of them in a handbag. So far, they’re just chilling, walking about and checking their phones- as you do if you work in retail and there’s no customers around.

At around 0:51, 3 men burst into the store wearing masks and hoodies, yelling, “Get the FUCK DOWN!” and spraying clouds of bear mace directly at the two workers. They both duck down behind the counter, but soon after the guy gets up and comes around the counter in full fighting stance brandishing something in his right hand- a glass bong.

At this point, the thieves look more scared of the guy than he is of them, and they seem perplexed that the bear mace didn’t work like they’d hoped. The thieves panic, realizing that their opponent is seemingly impervious to the bear mace and so they scramble, rushing for the door where they kind of cower and bunch up, but they’re not ready to give up quite yet.

One of the thieves grabs a blue recycling box from outside and the bong guy takes one look at him, shrugs, and says, “What are you going to do with that?” as the would-be thief hurls it at him and it just glances off his back.

That’s when the bong guy has had enough. He runs up to the group of thieves, winds up, and smashes the bong (it’s unclear whether it was on one of the thieves or an object by the door) while yelling, “Let’s FUCKING go BITCHES!” as the thieves all run away.

He then locks up the door and tells his coworker to call somebody, and the video fades to black.

This apparently happened last Thursday around 4:00 pm at Recreational Cannabis Farmers Market in Tyendinaga Territory, Shannonville, Ontario.

And for those of you wondering, don’t worry, the dog appears to be ok.

The story has been corroborated by the Tyendinaga Police Service in the Facebook post included below.

It seems a couple weeks ago, there was another armed robbery on Tyendinaga Territory, this time at the Medibles Cannabis Dispensary. Hopefully, these kinds of dispensary robberies end once legalization goes through.



Vice: Watch This Cannabis Worker Fight Off Thieves With a Bong.