Cannabis Growers of Canada Expands into Victoria

Cannabis Growers of Canada held an information session event in Victoria, last night, to welcome potential members and explain about the group to those with questions.

IMG_1135Executive director Ian Dawkins said turnout for the event was good and the group has received requests from attendees about joining CGC.

“It was definitely a good start to our campaign here on the island we’re going to be headed up to take some meetings in Nanaimo tomorrow and continue the momentum,” said Dawkins. “I’d definitely say the CGC is very well received out here.”

Dawkins said, much like the membership of CGC, those in attendance came from a wide representation of the industry, with dispensaries, growers and ancillary businesses like hydroponics, insurance providers and edibles and concentrate manufacturers coming out to learn more.

“It’s about bringing the message to the members and not expecting them to come to us,” said Dawkins. “They’re all small business owners, they’re way too busy, they don’t have the time and they don’t have the ability to gather the information on their own. They’re too busy taking care of 1,000 little things, so we try, as much as possible, to bring the message to them.”

Dawkins said, as the largest trade association for cannabis businesses in Canada, CGC can provide business owners with resources and opportunities they may not have otherwise.

“It’s an opportunity for people to express themselves, IMG_1127to see the kinds of people who are also attracted to CGC and want to be members, and see themselves reflected in that group of reasonable, ethical, professional business people who just want to do good work for their patients and their customers, and don’t want to hassled by the government,” Dawkins said.

The group plans another event, this time in Vancouver, Apr. 21 at Oxoxlat in Yaletown.

“One of the key things about the CGC, that we care about very strongly, is that we are open and transparent and accountable,” Dawkins said. “People should come to our meeting so that any question they have, or whatever their concern is, they are able to come forward and we’ll give them a well-thought out answer about where CGC stands on that issue.”