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The Ontario Craft Beer Festival today announced its intention to include cannabis in its annual celebration of Craft Beer through a collaboration with Kensington Market mainstay HotBox Cafe.

First ever legal cannabis lounge coming to Toronto’s Craft Beer Festival

Cannabis Smoking Lounge Takeover Happens June 21st-23rd at Ontario Place

TORONTO, March 12, 2019 /CNW/ – The Ontario Craft Beer Festival today announced its intention to include cannabis in its annual celebration of Craft Beer through a collaboration with Kensington Market mainstay HotBox Cafe. Attended by over 10,000 people from across North America, this event will make history as the first time a legal cannabis “consumption” patio is made accessible at a provincial event.

“We want to offer people a place to come down from the beer. You don’t have to consume cannabis to experience our creative, chill and vibrant POTio,” said Abi Roach founder of HotBox Holdings and owner/operator of HotBox Cafe. “We want to educate people on what cannabis is and how to consume it safely, especially around alcohol.”

“What better way to optimize on a sensory experience than by adding some cannabis to the mix, and who better to help us execute than Abi and the HotBox team?” said Tony Millar, founder of Toronto’s Craft Beer Festival. “Cannabis is finally legal across Canada and we couldn’t be prouder to celebrate it together.”

“We are thrilled to be a part of this collaboration and are looking forward in working with Hotbox Cafe and the Craft Beer festival to bring this space to life!” said Imraan Kahn, founder of Detonate Group, owner/operator of Detonate Cannabis Agency. “As long-time advocates in the cannabis space, we understand the importance of education, experience, and most importantly, safe consumption.”

“I’ve been successfully executing cannabis pop-ups throughout the Greater Toronto Area for the last 20+ years,” added Ms. Roach. “What makes this one really special — other than our partners — is that it’s now on a provincial level, meaning the government is finally ready to listen to what Canadians actually want.”

Billed as a comfortable break from the beer and noise during the festival, the CNE’s current smokers lounge will get a weekend facelift to accommodate the crowd, and ensure proper safety and health codes are followed while attendees of legal age enjoy an alcohol and tobacco-free experience.

In addition to Abi’s hand-picked customer service team, there will be experienced sales representatives working the POTio ensuring attendees are educated on the various ways to safely consume cannabis.

“Being at the forefront of something new is a big social undertaking and we are excited but also fully cognizant of our responsibility to be compliant with all federal and provincial laws for the safety of all attendees”

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About HotBox Holdings

Established in 2000 by Abi Roach, HotBox Holdings, owner/operator of HotBox Lounge + Shop is the first of its kind in Canada and the oldest of its kind in North America. Its primary location is situated in Toronto’s Kensington Market and is the go-to place for people to consume cannabis on a social level. Since opening its doors 18 years ago, HotBox has served over two million customers and has decades of experience curating unique cannabis experiences which incorporate education, accessories & community,

About Toronto’s Craft Beer Festival

Founded in 2016, TCBF is unique because it focuses on independent Craft brewers ONLY. No big brewers, no Craft Brewers that are owned by the large brewers. We focus on the beer and food experience in a fun and welcoming atmosphere.
The festival features a wide variety of finely made craft beers and ciders, as well as delicious food, fun activities, and live music for 19+ festival goers.

About Detonate Group

Detonate Cannabis Agency is the leading supplier of print collateral, trade show builds and packaging & labelling for Canada’s licensed producers. With over 4 years of experience in the cannabis market, they have evolved to meet the needs of customers.
Detonate is able to offer our design, printing, branding, building & dismantling needs all under one roof.
Working with various companies in the medicinal and recreational cannabis markets, Detonate Cannabis specializes in branding & experiential cannabis space design


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